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Alfred Leedes Hunt

Here are two lists of the Rectors of St. Mary Virgin church in Gt Snoring.

One Gt. Snoring Curate's story is given on THIS PAGE. He is Alfred Leedes Hunt, born in Ipswich, a former scholar of St John's College Cambridge, and worked in Islington and Spitalfields before he came to Great Snoring.

For four years he was Rector of New Maldon, and then from 1897 of East Mersea, where he succeeded Sabine Baring Gould (who while there had used the local landscape in Mehalah: A Story of the Salt Marshes). It was said that the 'islanders' preferred Hunt to Gould because he was more low church and accessible. 

From 1903-19 he was Rector of Great Snoring in Norfolk, and Rural Dean of Walsingham for his last six years there. His final incumbency was of Moreton in Essex, from where he retired to Cambridge in 1923, having permission to officiate in Chelmsford and Ely dioceses. He died in 1936, aged 83.

ALSO SEE: Rectors in greater detail and Their Memorials in the church. Many of these men are also listed on the page of Cambridge University Alumni

Great Snoring Rectors

The following list is from the Book "An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk" Vol 9, Author: Francis Blomefield; Year published: 1808

This list is from the reign of Edward First of England, to 1762 (Scroll down for later lists)

  • William de Calthorp was rector about the reign of Edward I.
  • Michael le Brett, occurs rector about 1292.
  • 1307, William de Barsham instituted, presented by the Lady Joan de Burgolioun.
  • 1353, John Kentford, by Sir Ralph de Shelton.
  • 1354, Thomas Rous, by the King, who recovered it from Sir Ralph.
  • 1369, John de Freton, (he was archdeacon of Norfolk, &c.) by Sir Ralph Shelton, junior.
  • 1375, John Granew, by Sir Edmund de Thorp, &c.
  • 1413, John Tolle, by Sir Thomas Erpingham, &c.
  • 1420, Mr. Simon Barret, LL. B. by William Schelton, Esq. and Catherine his wife.
  • 1432, Stephen Multon, by Catherine, relict of William Schelton, Esq.
  • 1432, Mr. Thomas Frynge, by the King, on the minority of the heir of John Schelton, Esq. rector also of Winterton.
  • 1444, Mr. Richard Appulby, LL.B. by the King.
  • 1444, Thomas Brigg, by the King.
  • 1459, John Fowler, by Ralph Shelton.
  • 1467, Thomas Smith. Ditto.
  • 1484, Mr. Symon Driver, decretor, doctor, by the feoffees of Ralph Shelton.
  • 1517, Mr. Richard Schelton, by Sir John Shelton.
  • 1539, William Rawling. Ditto.
  • 1546, Mr. John Willoughby, M.D. by Anne, relict of Sir John Shelton, and Sir John Shelton.
  • 1554, Hugh Swyfte. Ditto.
  • 1554, Robert Pyerson. Ditto.
  • 1572, Richard Gawton, by the Bishop, a lapse.
  • 1577, Richard West, by Thomas Dalymond, hac vice.
  • 1610, Robert Pearson S.T.P. (he was archdeacon of Suffolk) by Sir Ralph Shelton.
  • 1639, Edward Debbs; he was sequestered, and was forced to fly to the King's army, and
  • David Anderson, an usurper, was in possession in 1655.
  • Thomas Chapman occurs rector in 1662.
  • Thomas Verdon, S.T.B. by Samuel Verdon, Gent.
  • About this time Robert Heblethwayte is said to be rector.
  • 1690, Nathaniel Rothwell, by Sir Christopher Hatton, Bart.
  • 1710, Thomas Langford, S.T.B. by the master and fellows of St. John's college, Cambridge.
  • 1734, Robert Leake, presented by St. John's college, Cambridge.
  • 1762, Andrew Alvis. Ditto.

This list from the Clergy Database takes the list up to 1831. Click links for more detail.

Name as Recorded Year Type Office Full Record
Chapman , Thomas ? Libc Rector View
Chapman , Thomas ? Appt (Licensing) Preacher View
Shelton, Ricardi 1540 Vac (natural death) Rector View
Rawlins, Williamus 1540 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Rawlins, Johannis 1546 Vac (natural death) not given View
Willoughbie, Johannes 1546 Appt (Institution) not given View
Schelton, Richardus 1548 Libc Rector View
Blome, Johannes 1548 Libc Curate View
Boston, Johe 1572 Libc Stipendiary Curate View
Booston, Johannes 1573 Libc Curate View
Gawston, Richardus 1573 Libc Rector View
West, Robertus 1590 Libc Rector View
Weste , Robertus 1603 Libc Rector View
Pearson , Robert 1610 Disp (Dispensation) Rector View
Bedingfeild , Robert 1634 Disp (Dispensation) Rector View
Davell, Carolus 1646 Subsc Rector View
Chapman , Thomas 1659 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Chapman , Thomas 1662 Subsc Rector View
Chapman , Thomas 1678 Libc Rector View
Verdon , Thomas 1681 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Chapman , Thomae 1681 Vac (natural death) Rector View
Fenn , Edwardus 1706 Subsc Curate View
Rothwell , Nathanaelis 1710 Vac (Death) Rector View
Langford , Thomas 1710 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Langford , Thomas 1734 Vac (Death) Rector View
Leeke , Robert 1734 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Leeke , Robert 1762 Vac (Death) Rector View
Alvis , Andrew 1762 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Alvis , Andrew 1775 Vac (Death) Rector View
Stephens , William 1775 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Peach , Paul 1777 Appt (Licensing) Curate View
Stevens , Henry 1789 Appt (Licensing) Stipendiary Curate View
Fawcett , James 1801 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Stephens , William 1801 Vac (Death) Rector View
Faulkener , Richard Rowland 1813 Appt (Licensing) Stipendiary Curate View
Fawcett , James 1831 Vac (Death) Rector View
Stannard , Christopher 1831 Appt (Admission) Rector View

The following list takes it up to the 20th Century

Ministers of St Mary's Church

The church was part of a joint living with the neighbouring village of Thursford under the patronage of St John's College, Cambridge. In 1926 the parish was split from Thursford and merged with Little Snoring. The church underwent restoration work in 1898 and 1959. 

The Ministers of St Mary's Church were:

  • 1200 William de Calthorp
  • 1292 Michael le Brett
  • 1307 William de Barsham
  • 1353 John Kentford
  • 1353 Thomas Rou (presented 16.6.1353) (Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward III vol 9, p.468 16.6.1353 presentation of Thomas Rous (in the King's gift))
  • 1369 John de Freton, Archdeacon of Norfolk
  • 1375 John Granew
  • 1379 John de Honyng (Calendar of Patent Rolls, Richard II vol 1, p.325 16.2.1379 records the enlargement of the Rectory, and notes that John Honyngge was Parson of Great Snoring)
  • 1413 John Tolle
  • 1420 Simon Barrett
  • 1432 Stephen Multon
  • 1432 Thomas Frynge (15.11.1432: Thomas Frenge presented in exchange of benefices with Stephen Multon) (Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry VI vol 2, p.247 15.11.1432: Thomas Frenge presented in exchange of benefices with Stephen Multon )
  • 1444 Richard Appulby (14.5.1444: Robert Appulby presented in exchange of benefices with Thomas Frynge) (Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry VI vol 4, p.259 14.5.1444: Robert Appulby presented in exchange of benefices with Thomas Frynge)
  • 1444 Thomas Brigg 25.6.1444: Thomas Brigg presented in exchange of benefices with Robert Appulby) (Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry VI vol 4, p.266 25.6.1444: Thomas Brigg presented in exchange of benefices with Robert Appulby )
  • 1459 John Fowler
  • 1467 Thomas Smith
  • 1484 Symon Driver (A doctor??)
  • 1517 Richard Shelton
  • 1539 William Rawling
  • 1546 John Willoughby beneficed within the diocese of Canterbury, was chaplain to Henry VIII. and held at various times the rectories of S. Michael Comhill, Aldborough Suffolk, and Great Snoring Norfolk, and the vicarage of Hackney Middlesex. He had been physician to queen Anne Boleyn, and is said to have been nearly 100 years old in 1572, at or about which time he was deprived of the rectory of Aldborough.
  • 1554 Hugh Swyfte
  • 1554 Robert Pyerson
  • 1572 Richard Gawton 06 August 1610
  • 1577 Robert West (his will dated 6th Aug 1610 is in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury; Name of Register: Wingfield Quire Numbers: 57 - 110. May be obtained here.)
  • 1610-1613 Robert Pearson, later Archdeacon of Suffolk
  • 1639 Edward Debbs
  • 1655 David Anderson
  • 1662 Thomas Chapman
  • 1690 Nathaniel Rothwell
  • 1710 Thomas Langford
  • 1734 Robert Leake
  • 1762 Andrew Alvis
  • 1801-1831 James Fawcett, Prof. Divinity, Cambridge University. His will in the Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury may be obtained here.
  • 1831-1851 Christopher Stannard
  • 1851-1896 George Henry Marsh
  • 1891-1897 Edward Haversham Whall, Curate in Charge
  • 1897-1903 Canon R.P. Roseveare
  • 1903- Charles Lawrence Capel Cure
  • 1903- Alfred Leedes Hunt (See Photo Above)


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