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Great Snoring Church

These are some of the memorials inside the church of St. Mary Virgin in Great Snoring.

Great Snoring Church Memorial Plaques

There are a small number of marbles, stones and brass plaques inside St. Mary The Virgin church of Great Snoring. They are briefly listed here:

Joseph Fawcett, Rector of the Gt Snoring Church

Within the altar rail lie interred the remains of Joseph Fawcett Esq. Formerly a merchant at Leeds in the county of York, his native place, but latterly for several years disengaged from business: while visiting his brothers at the Rectory, he was seized with a violent complaint which in a short time terminated fatally. He died September twentieth 1827 in the 70 eighth year of his age. He was a very considerable proficient in Oriental literature: a truly benevolent man; and unfeignedly humble Christian.

Also of the Reverend James Fawcett S T B, formerly fellow of St John's College Cambridge and Norrisian Professor of Divinity; late rector of Snoring cum Thursford. He died April 10 1831 in the eightieth year of his age and in the thirtieth year of his incumbency. In him were eminently united the elegant scholar, the sound theologian, and the faithful pastor. He was held throughout life in deservedly high estimation by all who knew him; and his death will be long and deeply lamented.

Edward Fenn, Curate of Great Snoring

On the wall a marble plaque with a Latin Inscription: Below lies Edward Fenn of Houghton, a priest of Christ's Church and for some years Curate of this parish. He was the son of William, Gentleman, and Mary Fenn. Fate bore him off in the flower of his age, and he became another triumph for Death as whose prize he lies, two brothers having fallen to the same dart from Death's quiver a short time previously when smallpox was raging all around. Alas, what a terrible blow from jealous Death, so fatal to this house! This man was indeed the waxing glory of his family for whom he was their greatest hope and --- With Death at hand he himself chose this place for his burial. A man diligent in all things and much esteemed by his parishioners, he fully aquainted himself alike in his sacred office as in his pastoral duties. And he has departed hence unwedded to the dwelling of the Blessed. He died on 21st February 1710 in his 33rd year.

A memorial to Edward Fenn and his family is found in his home village of Houghton: The memorial inscriptions in the church, war memorial & churchyard at Houghton St Giles in north west Norfolk, as follows:

Inside the church

[Ledger in centre aisle] Here lieth the body of Tho/mas FENN gent the younger/ who was buried ye  [?] /teenth day of October in ye/ yeare of our Lord God 1684 [buried 14th Oct]

[Monument on north wall of altar room only partially readable but it is clear that it refers to the individual on the ledger below] Memeriae sacred/ ? hoc Mary/ Guilielmi FENN gent/ obsequentissimi/ uxorii suae amonissininer/ aberis/ sauperibus/ indulgentissimipair/ qui calc meturus/ sum mortale ouit/ quinto die January/ Anno Dom 1702/ aetat 50

[Ledger on floor north side of altar room] Here resteth in hope of a joyfull/ resurrection ye body of William FENN/ gent who departed his life ye 5th day/ of January 1702 in ye 50th yeare of/ his age leaving issue by Mary his/ beloved wife ye daughter of Edwd/ COOPER of Themilthorp gent 9 sons &/ daughters viz Thomas Edward/ Mary William Elizabeth George/ Martha Susanna & John/ Highly lamenting ye too early death/ of a loving husband & a tender partner/ Thomas FENN obt Dec ye 9 1709/ aetatis suae 35/ William FENN obt Dec ye 18 1710/ aetatis suae 29/ Edward FENN obt Feb ye 21 1710/ aetat/ suae 33 buried at Great Snoring/ Geo FENN oby 17 Nov 1721 sepule apud/ Londin Anno aetat 33 Maria uxor Gul [abbreviation for William]/ FENN gen obt 29 Mar 1725 anno aetat 66

Lieut. BaylyBayly War Cross

A wooden cross from the war grave, with the inscription: Lieut C.R. Bayly RFA 128th Bty, killed in action March 29 1918

Robert West (Robertus Weste)

On the wall, Latin inscription, marble gilded and painted. Died 24 June 1610, aged 74. [SEE PHOTO IN SIDEBAR]

Christopher Stannard (Rector from 1831)

Sacred to the memory of Christopher Stannard BD formerly fellow of St John's College Cambridge and for 20 years rector of this parish, and of Thursford. As a true scholar, a sound divine, and an experienced Christian, he entered upon this field of his ministerial labours well instructed unto the Kingdom of Heaven. To win souls to Christ was the great object of his ministry, justification by faith, sanctification by the Holy Spirit, and the evidence of each in the fruits of a consistent life and conversation were the leading subjects which he enforced from the pulpit with the earnestness and affection that will long be remembered. He died May 17th 1851 aged 70 years.

John Jones

Stone Memorial on Wall: Opposite this stone are deposited the remains of John Jones, Gent, who died May 3rd 1783 in the 49th year of his age. He was the eldest son of James Jones Esq. and Anne his wife, and grandson of John Nonne, Gent, formerly Lord of the Manor.

Sir Ralph Shelton and his wife Alice

Brass on stone. Here lies Ralph Shelton, soldier, who died on the 25th day of October AD 1424 and Alice his wife, daughter of Thomas Uvedale, soldier, who died on the 13th day of May ----. [SEE PHOTO IN SIDEBAR]

Fleming Monument

On a marble monument are inscribed memorials to the FLEMING family, as follows:

  • Ambrose Fleming, who departed this life Aug 30 1721 aged 78 years
  • Ann, daughter of John and Frances Fleming died May 3 1787, aged 4 years and 5 months
  • Here lyeth the body of Ann the wife of Ambrose Fleming who departed this life the 23rd May 1713 in the 75th year of her life.
  • Frances, relict of John Fleming, gent; died March 15 1834 aged 77
  • John Fleming her husband, son of the aforesaid Ambrose and Ann Fleming; he died May 24th 1764 in the 90th year of his age.
  • Also the body of John, son of the above-named John and Sarah Fleming who died the 4th day of April 1779 aged 53 years
  • In memory of Richard Fleming died Aug 26th 1777 aged 48
  • Sarah his wife died March 29th 1797 aged 68
  • In memory of Sarah Fleming who departed this life May 31st 1759 aged 66 years
  • John Fleming, gent; son of Richard and Sarah Fleming died Feb 5th aged 73



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