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Updated on 29 July, 2017

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The owner of this website is Tricia Booth.

I constructed the first version of this little personal website many years ago. It was designed just to hold the small amount of information I had on the Little Snoring Parish Records, and a few pieces of family information.

Over the years I saw that it was used for genealogical purposes; many were searching for their Norfolk ancestors.

It remains a small personal site, but I am updating it and uploading more general information and the Great Snoring Parish Records as well.

Personal Information

I am related to the Southgate family of Great Snoring and the Tuck family of Little Snoring. My Grandmother was a Rumbles from Walsingham - so you can see my roots are in this area. My mother was born in Dildash Lane, Great Snoring.

Her parents had a tiny two-up, two-down cottage which still exists (much extended) today. The family then moved to a "new" Council House on Thursford Road, one of the range of progressive modern housing built during and after the First World War for those in need. (See the Thursford Road house alongside). The house had all modern amenities including an iron range with a hotplate for the kettle, coal fires, a wash house in the yard, and water from a tap (cold of course).

Although I have an interest in the twin villages of my youth, I cannot devote all my time and attention to the website. What you see is what you get!

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Contact Me

Please get in touch with me by sending an email to my contact address here

My Parents


Grace and Jim

Jimmy (my father) was in the RAF. After he met my mother who was at that time working in London, he put in for a posting to the Little Snoring Airfield, to be close to her. Here they are on their wedding day, outside my mother's home.

Jimmy found he could put in for a posting to the (then) RAF Airfield at Little Snoring - how very convenient for seeing Grace! Apparently, so I'm told, they would fly low over her house and wave at the family! The Little Snoring Airfield is still there, and you can learn about it on the Airfield page.

forwardTake a look at the list of available family trees and family information on the People Menu for more about the Southgates.

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The Snoring Villages: a website for those researching their family trees, and for anybody curious about the history and whereabouts of these two small villages in Norfolk, UK.

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I no longer live in Norfolk. I cannot visit graves, make local enquiries or provide contacts for you. Please be aware that I have no information other than that on this website..

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