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old font of St Andrew's church Little Snoring

Here are two lists of the Rectors of St. Andrew's church in Little Snoring.

One Rector is shown here. He is The Hon. Delaval Loftus Astley (1825-1872) who was Vicar of East Barsham, Norfolk when Lt Snoring joined with that diocese in 1855.

Other members of the Astley dynasty were before him, Bernard Astley in 1788 and Henry Nicholas Astley in 1791.

Reverend Bernard Astley was born on 31 August 1764. He was the son of Sir Edward Astley, 4th Bt. and Anne Milles (his second wife).  He died in November 1789 at age 25, without issue. He was the Rector at Binston, Somerset as well as Little Snoring.

Henry Nicholas Astley was the brother of Bernard. Reverend Henry Nicholas Astley, was born 5 Jan 1767, East Barsham, Norfolk.

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Little Snoring Rectors

The following list was compiled before 1913:

John de Waltham.
  1318 Nicholas de Westerfeld - by William Bole.
  1324 Robert Knight - by Clementia le Strange.
  1334 John Curle - by John Bole.
  13-- John de Wulterton.
  1353 John de Kentford.
circa 1370 John de Wulterton
  137- Alexander
  1380 William de Aldeburgh - by Margaret Elvs, on the death or Alexander.
  1400 John Bluntesham - by Sir Miles Stapleton.
  1425 Peter Audele - by Catherine Cokerell, and James Andrew.
  1443 Thomas Hunt - by John Excestre.
  1460 Richard Cheyne - by Richard, Earl of Warwick.
  1466 John Hogeson - ditto.
  14-- John Dale.
  1475 John Burton, A.M. - by John Fortescue, &e.
  1505 Robert Smith - by John Heydon, Esq.
  1525 Barnard Jameson - ditto.
  15-- Leon Heydon.
  1554 Chr. Knollys - by Sir Christopher Heydon.
  1573 John Barne - ditto.
  1585 Thomas Edmunds - by John and George Kingsmill.
  15-- Edward More.
  1627 William Parry, A.M. - by Richard Gwyn , serjeant-at-law.
  1640 Chr. Seaman - ditto.
  1671 Chr. Seaman - by Richard Gwyn, Gent.
  1717 Benjamin Lane - by Francis Lane. (See his Memorial here)
  1744 Love Shipley - by Mrs. Penelope Clarges, hac vice.
  1774 John Herne - by William Herne, clerk.
  1786 Matthew Jones - by Sir Edward Astley, Bart.
  1788 Bernard Astley - ditto.
  1789 Thomas Browne - ditto.
  1791 Henry Nicholas Astley - by the Bishop, a lapse. (Consolidated with East Barsham)
  1855 Hon. Delaval Loftus Astley - by Lord Hastings (SEE PHOTO ABOVE)
  1871 Frederic William Kent, M.A - ditto.
  1882 William Martin, B.A. - ditto, the Present Rector. (in 1882)

This list from the Clergy Database website provides details on each minister:

Name as Recorded Year Type Office Full Record
Seaman , Christoferus ? Libc (See Below) Rector View
Knolles, Christoferus 1555 Libc Rector View
Warren , Martin 1602 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar View
Seaman , Christoferus 1640 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Chapman , Thomas 1659 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Seaman , Christofer 1662 Subsc Rector View
Seaman , Christopherus 1667 Appt (Licensing) Preacher View
Seaman , Christopherus 1671 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Seaman , Christopheri 1671 Vac (natural death) Rector View
Seaman , Christopher 1671 Subsc Rector View
Seaman , Christopherus 1671 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Seaman , Christopherus 1678 Libc Rector View
Chapman , Thomas 1678 Libc Rector View
Seaman , Christopheri 1717 Vac (Death) Rector View
Law , Benjaminus 1717 Subsc Rector View
Lane , Benjaminus 1717 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Shipley , Love 1744 Subsc Rector View
Lane , Benjamin 1744 Vac (Death) Rector View
Shipley , Love 1744 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Herne , John 1774 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Shipley , Love 1774 Vac (Death) Rector View
Herne , John 1786 Vac (Death) Rector View
Jones , Matthew 1786 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Astley , Bernard 1788 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Jones , Matthew 1788 Vac (resignation) Rector View
Astley , Bernard 1789 Vac (natural death) Rector View
Browne , Thomas 1789 Appt (Institution) Rector View
Astley , Henry Nicholas 1791 Appt (Collation) Rector View
Browne , Thomas 1791 Vac (resignation) Rector View
Cory , James 1810 Appt (Licensing) Curate View
Norris , John 1825 Appt (Licensing) Stipendiary Curate View
Astley , Henry Miles 1829 Appt (Licensing) Stipendiary Curate View

From the board found in Little Snoring Church, we see the list of Rectors updated, and corrected. Click to enlarge.

Little Snoring's Rectors

 Here are some photos, displayed in slideshow form: (click here)

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