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Here are a few of the headstones in the Little Snoring churchyard.

Graves are found on either side of the path leading up to the church, and in a larger piece of green land behind. There are few headstones, reflecting the inability of many parisioners to afford them. Consequently, many burials cannot be found from looking in the churchyard

Little Snoring Churchyard

St Andrews churchyard

? (1)
HALL (2)
HALL (4)
HILL (6)
TUCK (13)
TUCK (14)


The inscriptions from the headstones above (a small selection of the headstones) with additional material taken from the parish records are as follows:

(1) Here Lieth The Body of ----Son (text obliterated and buried in soil)

(2) In loving memory of James HALL Who died March 29th 1903, Aged 76
[burial 04 Apr 1903, James, HALL, aged 76]
And Clarinda his wife
[burial 25 Sep 1886, Clarinda, HALL, aged 62,]
Who died Sep 20 1886 Aged 62
Also five of their daughters.

(3) Sacred to the memory of
Garratt Zebulon NICHOLS who died May -- 1905 aged 65
[burial record: 10 Jun 1905, Jarrett Zebulon NICKALLS, 65]
3 Grandison Road Clapham Common, cremated at Golders Green 15 May 1905]

(4) Sacred to the memory of John HALL Died April 9 1858 Aged 90 years
Ann wife of John Hall Died January 15 1848 Aged 73 years
[burial 4 May 1858, John HALL, aged 89]
[burial Jan 1848, Ann HALL, aged 75]

(5) Sacred to the memory of John William [Sheringham]
Son of the late Robert & Sarah SHERINGHAM
Who died June -- 1911 aged 57 years.
[burial 20 Jun 1911, John William SHERINGHAM, 57, of Great Snoring]

(6) Sacred to the memory of Jonathan
The beloved husband of Caroline Eliza HILL
Who departed this life November 18 1903 Aged 54 years
"Thy will be done".
[no burial record at Lt Snoring Church - burial service elsewhere?]

(7) In loving memory of Maria
Wife of the late William HOWELL
Born Nov 19 1815; Died Nov 22 1899.
[burial 27 Nov 1899, Maria Susana HOWELL, aged 84]

(8) Sacred to the memory of
------- NICKALLS [died] 1862 [no burial record]
Lydia ------ Born ------ Died July 3rd 1866.
[burial 8 Jul 1866, Lydia NICKALLS, aged 66]

(9) Sacred to the memory of Robert SHERINGHAM
Who departed this life February 12 1879 Aged 66 years.
[burial 18 Feb 1879, Robert SHERINGHAM, 66]

(10) Sacred to the memory of Rice PALMER
Who departed this life June ye 10th 1813
In the 79th year of his age.
Also of Elizabeth his wife ------------- aged 65.
[burial 17 Jun 1813, Rice PALMER, 76]
[no burial record for his wife]

(11) Sacred to the memory of Harriett
daughter of Robert and Sarah SHERINGHAM
Who departed this life February 24 1864 Aged 14 years.
Also Emily their daughter Who departed this life
November 3rd 1868 Aged 21 years.
[burial 2 Mar 1864, Harriet SHERINGHAM, aged 14]
[burial 9 Nov 1868, Emily SHERINGHAM, aged 21]

(12) Sacred to the memory of Sarah wife of Robert SHERINGHAM
Who departed this life January 3rd 1858 Aged 37 years.
[burial 9 Jan 1858, Sarah SHERINGHAM, aged 37]

(13) In loving memory Of William TUCK
Who died Oct 23rd 1901 Aged 67 years.
Also of Mary Ann (Jenny) Wife of the above
Who passed peacefully away December 12 1925 Aged 73 years.
"Behold the daybreak, and the shadows flee away".
[burial 29 Oct 1901, William TUCK, aged 68]
[burial 12 Dec 1925, Mary Ann TUCK, aged 73]

(14) In Memory of William TUCK
Who fulfilled the office of Parish clerk
in Little Snoring For 40 years
He died February 9th 1859 Aged 84 years.
[burial 13 Feb 1859, William TUCK, aged 84]

(15) In loving memory of John YAXLEY
Passed away 7th february 1960 Aged 89 years.
Rose Yaxley Passed away 4th December 1967 Aged 70 years.
"In heavenly love abiding".
[burial 11 Feb 1960, John YAXLEY, aged 69]
[burial 09 Dec 1967, Rose YAXLEY, aged 70]

Personal Grave Site

Polly Southgate at GraveThe grave in the large Photograph at the top of this page is that of my Great Grandmother, Sarah Ann Southgate (nee Tuck), about whom there is more information on the TUCK profile page.

The photo alongside is of her daughter, my Great Aunt Mary Ann (Polly) Southgate at the grave of her mother.

Sarah Ann was born 23 Aug 1844, and died 19th Jun 1925.

Sarah Ann's own Grandfather was John Tuddenham, the shoemaker and Innkeeper whom we read about on the page dedicated to Little Snoring's Pubs.



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