Parish Records: Banns of Marriage

Updated on 1 August, 2017

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These pages are transcriptions from the parish registers of Great Snoring

I have been transcribing the births, marriages and deaths from the original records for many years, and it has been a long and laborious task.

NOTE about copyright and re-use: This transcription has been done by myself and the copyright of THIS transcription therefore belongs to me. The original films are owned by the Norfolk Record Office. Please do not re-use this data for any reason without contacting me for permission. I would also appreciate corrections and additions to the data.

Double-dating has been used where relevant since, as many of you already know, the official year once began in March. Other data can be found starting from the record index page, or by following the links below:

Little Snoring Banns of Marriage from 1772-1902

Date Groom Name Groom Surname Groom's Parish Bride Name Bride Surname Bride's Parish Notes
Mar 1772 Nicholas PLOWRIGHT Gt Snoring Elizabeth HAGEN?   H*g*leen?
Aug 1784 John LEECH   Alice NEWTON   Groom is Widower
Jan 1785 John PARKER   Elizabeth LAKE    
Apr 1785 Thomas LAKE   Elizabeth OLLEY    
May 1786 William SIMMONS St Margaret, Kings Lynn Mary PARKER    
Oct 1786 William LAKE   Mary ABRAHAM Kettlestone  
May 1789 David PEARCE   Mary CHAPMAN    
Aug 1789 Nicholas PARKER   Judith UTTING Kettlestone Groom is Widower
Sep 1789 Thomas RAMM   Mary HILL    
Apr 1790 Jonathan DENNY   Elizabeth BIRD   Groom is Widower
Jul 1790 Jacob TUCK Althorpe Sarah SHERINGHAM    
Aug 1790 William REEDER   Martha CORY    
Jan 1792 Thomas BARTON   Anne BARNES    
Jan 1792 Thomas NEWTON West Barsham Sarah PEEL    
Jul 1792 John PALMER   Elizabeth BREESE    
Oct 1792 William BUSHELL   Rachel MAGNESS   *Signed Love Robertson Curate*
Jun 1794 John LACK Kettlestone Phoebe FARMER    
Sep 1795 Joseph HILL   Ann RAMM    
Dec 1795 Edward REED   Anne GOWERS    
Oct 1796 Thomas SHERINGHAM   Anne HARPLEY    
Apr 1798 James BUCK Gt Snoring Elizabeth TUCK    
Jul 1798 John WHITESIDES   Lydia LAKE    
Dec 1798 William SMITH   Rose ROGERS    
Jan 1799 Richard COOPER   Ann PARKER    
Apr 1799 John PARTON   Mary SHERINGHAM    
Aug 1799 Thomas PALMER   Mary RAMM    
Feb 1800 Rudd-Dell BONE   Phoebe GOWERS    
Mar 1800 Henry REEVE Gt Snoring Mary KING    
Mar 1800 William TUCK   Susan NEWTON    
Apr 1800 William BENSLEY   Mary MAY    
Apr 1800 John WELLS Barsham Jane UTTING   Groom is Widower
Nov 1800 William TUCK   Mary SHERINGHAM    
Jan 1801 Richard BACON   Martha LONG   Both Widowed
Feb 1801 William SHERINGHAM   Susan HALL    
Oct 1801 Thomas MOORE   Mary BALDRY   Groom is Widower
Dec 1801 William RAVEN   Bridget LONG    
Apr 1802 John ALLISON   Mary BARTON    
Sep 1803 John TUDMAN   Sarah PALMER   *Tuddenham*
May 1803 John GRIFFIN Barney Dorothy DUNN    
Oct 1803 Jarrett NICHOLS   Sarah BUGDALE    
Dec 1803 Isaac NICHOLS   Hannah TUCK    
Mar 1806 Henry PARNELL Gt Snoring Elizabeth WRIGHT    
Mar 1809 John BUGDALE   Mary BILLINGS    
Oct 1810 Thomas SHERINGHAM   Mary PARSONS    
Oct 1826 Watts OLLEY   Mary NOBBS    
Dec 1826 Jarrett NICHOLS   Lydia ROUSE Fakenham Groom is Widower
Feb 1827 John PARKER   Sarah BAKER    
Sep 1827 James LUKE   Mary CLARKE Thursford? Lake? Bride is Widow
may 1828 William TUCK   Elizabeth DAWSON   Both Widowed
Oct 1828 Isaac CORNER   Mary Ann GOLD   Colman?
Oct 1828 Robert NOBBS   Sarah PEGG    
Jul 1829 John TUCK   Phoebe TUDDENHAM    
Oct 1829 Joseph WILSON   Eliza EVERETT    
Oct 1830 William SHERINGHAM   Mary BUGDALE   Groom is Widower
Jan 1831 William HARPER   Elizabeth PARSONS    
Jul 1831 James BARNES   Georgina SAVORY    
Nov 1832 James TUCK   Constance ALISON    
Nov 1832 Charles HILL   Charlotte BACK    
Nov 1832 Bury BARNES   Hannah HUTCHINSON    
Jan 1833 John BANYARD   Ann TUCK    
Aug 1833 Isaac TUCK   Elizabeth Reed EVERINGTON Lt Walsingham  
Mar 1834 Edward SHERINGHAM   Anne NOBES    
Jan 1835 Thomas BUSHELL   Francis PARSON    
Oct 1835 William Mar   Charlotte FUTTER    
Nov 1835 Thomas SHERINGHAM   Elizabeth NICHOLLS    
Oct 1836 William CLARK   Sarah BULLOCK Gt Snoring  
May 1837 Robert NICHOLS   Elizabeth VINES   Nickols
Nov 1837 Thomas CLARKE   Esther GYMER    
Nov 1837 John PARKER   Elizabeth BILLINGS   Groom is Widower
Dec 1837 Richard BUSHELL   Hannah BASTARD    
Sep 1838 Richard NOBES   Elizabeth FRANCIS    
Oct 1838 William Brett BARNES   Mary PEGG    
Jun 1839 William SCOTT   Jane Maria BARNES    
Jan 1840 Robert HARVEY   Amy GIRDLESTONE    
Oct 1840 William BUGDALE   Louisa TUCK    
Nov 1840 Joshua BENET Lt Walsingham Emily NICHOLLS    
Dec 1840 Henry NOBES   Caroline SIMS   *no more bans*
Oct 1841 Marshall GOWERS   Elizabeth CLARKE Kettlestone  
Feb 1845 Mark JARVIS   Ann Mary BARNES    
Sep 1845 Thomas BUGDALE   Sarah SHERRINGTON?   Or Sadlinton?
Oct 1845 John NOBES   Marie UPMART?    
Jun 1846 Isaac ALLCOCK   Mary Elizabeth PARKER    
Sep 1846 William NOBBS   Maria GYMER    
Sep 1846 John SMITH Little Ryburgh Mary ENGLISH    
Sep 1846 John PARKER   MaryAnn HARRISON   Bride is Widow
Oct 1846 Robert NICHOLS   MaryAnn PARKER OR RICHES East Barsham *no more bans given* Groom is Widower
Sep 1848 John GOWERS   MaryAnn DUCKHAM West Rudham  
Jun 1849 Isaac BARNES   Hannah GLASSWELL Hempton  
May 1849 Alexander PAUL OR POOL   Margaret SAVARY    
Sep 1849 Charles BACK   MaryAnn SAVAGE?   Bride is Widow
  William BUGDALE   Ann MIDDLETON   *no bans*
Jun 1850 George PARKER   Ann HOWE    
Sep 1850 William BUGDALE   Ann MIDDLETON    
Sep 1850 Thomas NOBES   Charlotte BUGDALE    
  Richard HARRISON Gt Walsingham Mary Ann BACK   *no Bans* No date given
  Charles KIRK   Susan GENT   *no Bans* No date given
* Nov * Alan PAUL   Phoebe DUNN   Both Widowed
* Jan * Isaac BUSH Fulmestone MaryAnn HOOD    
* Feb * Thomas BUGDALE   Sarah BUGDALE Fakenham Groom is Widower
* Sep * William GOWER   Charlotte BODY    
* Nov * John BACON   Mary BARSHAM?    
* Jan * Thomas GENT   Sarah REEDER    
Jul 1854 Robert BUGDALE   Margaret ENGLISH    
May 1855 Matthew BARNES   Susannah SOUTHGATE Gt Snoring  
Mar 1856 Charles NICHOLLS   Maria BELL    
Apr 1856 William ENGLISH   Anne GREEN Kettlestone *married at Kettlestone*
Sep 1856 John BUGDALE   Ellen LONG Fakenham  
Jul 1858 William NOBES   Ann GOWERS    
Mar 1858 John HILL Gateley Lydia ENGLISH    
Jul 1859 Jonathan EMERSON Fulmestone Ann Mary PARKER    
Jan 1860 Mark WARNES   Rebecca GENT    
Jul 1860 Joseph BUSHELL Gt Snoring MaryAnn NICHOLS    
Sep 1860 Thomas NOBES   Harriet CLARKE    
Oct 1860 Martin BELL   Kezia BARNES    
Oct 1860 Cornelius TUCK   Elizabeth PELLS    
Oct 1860 Mark GENT   Martha HILL    
Feb 1861 henry BUGDALE   Mary Ann Mar    
Sep 1861 John HOWLING North Elmham Sarah Ann NOBES    
Sep 1861 Josiah TUCK   Ann Emma THORN    
Sep 1861 Thomas NOBES   Harriet CLARK    
Nov 1861 William GENT   Harriet Rebecca PARKER    
Mar 1862 William BELL   Sarah SMITH    
Apr 1862 Thomas PARKER   Mary DYE   Bride is Widow
Sep 1862 Miles CLARK   Jane ALAN   Bride is Widow
Oct 1862 William BUGDALE   Ellen POOLEY   Powley? Groom is Widower
Nov 1862 Charles NOBES   Martha PELLS    
Dec 1862 William PARKER   Abigail GENT    
Jan 1863 William BUSSEY   Elizabeth LONG    
Mar 1863 Robert NICHOLS   Susannah SHERINGHAM    
Feb 1864 James GENT   MaryAnn SMITH Hindolvestone  
Jul 1864 Charles ROYLE   Sarah NEWTON   Groom is Widower
Dec 1864 Isaac NEWTON   Charlotte GATHERCOAL St Peter's Southgate Norwich Unsure of year
Jul 1868 Charles MAN   Elizabeth NOBES    
Oct 1868 Samson GENT   Sarah Ann GROOM   Unsure of year
Jan 1869 Frederick COPPING   Agnes Alison BASTARD Saxlingham  
Dec 1869 Thomas BARSHAM East Rudham Sarah ARCHER Kettlestone Groom is Widower
May 1870 henry BUCK Ryburgh Elizabeth Mar    
Oct 1870 Robert MARTIN Fulmestone? Susan BUGDALE    
Dec 1870 Luke SKIPPER   Phoebe TUCK   Skippon; Bride is Widow
Sep 1871 James William NEAVE   Fanny GYMER    
Jul 1872 John TUDDENHAM   Martha GRANGE   Both Widowed
Sep 1872 Alfred Walsh VARLEY   Annie BANYARD    
Dec 1872 Edward COLLS Fakenham Henrietta PAUL    
Mar 1873 Joseph CORBETTA Sth Heigham Sarah Ann LACK    
Oct 1873 William PARKER OR PORTER Field Dalling MaryAnn BUGDALE    
Oct 1873 John REEVE   Esther GOWERS    
Jan 1874 John Robert Hunter JACKSON   Elizabeth Wells SOAL? OR SEEL Boston  
Jun 1874 William BUSHELL   Ann CLARK    
Oct 1875 Albert DURRANT Aldborough Harriet COOPER    
Nov 1875 Newton SHARPER? Holkham Jane Maria COOPER    
Jan 1876 George William PARKER   Susannah GILDER East Barsham  
Oct 1876 William BACON   Celia ALLEN Kettlestone  
Oct 1876 Isaac Thomas ALLCOCK   Isabella Mar HILL    
Dec 1876 Edward SHERINGHAM   Hannah? HOWELL    
1877 George Henry MALLETT Hunstanton St Edmunds Anna Eliza HALL    
Oct 1877 Isaiah John CLARKE   Emily Elizabeth GLASSWELL    
Nov 1878 Dennis Goodman LEACH   Emily Maria GENT    
Feb 1879 Benjamin SEDGWICK St John's Angel Town Bacton? Bainton? Emily Ann HALL    
Sep 1881 James Edward JACKSON OR JACKMAN   Laura SAVORY Stibbard  
Oct 1882 John COLEMAN   Jane OLLEY   Both Widowed
Dec 1882 Horace STEWARD   Susannah Esther CLARKE    
May 1883 Alfred Charles NICHOLLS   Phoebe ROGERS    
Jan 1884 Alfred James REEVE   Mary Jane BUGDALE    
Mar 1884 Henry Charles NEILL   Ellen BUGDALE    
Mar 1884 William HARVEY   Elizabeth WATERS   Groom is Widower
Sep 1885 Samuel HAGON West Hartlepool Emma JARVIS   Groom is Widower
Nov 1887 Walter GENT   Susan KINDLE    
Sep 1888 Alfred COLEMAN   Mary Ann IVES    
Mar 1889 Charles KIRK   Emmeline Rebecca PAGE    
Jun 1890 Orsine DAGLESS   Susannah Esther STEWARD   Bride is Widow
Jan 1890 Watts BECK   Francis Diana Ann CLARKE    
Aug 1890 Thomas ARMS? AMIES?   Eliza GONELL? Starston Groom is Widower
Mar 1891 Tom SPIERS Colsterworth Lincolnshire Alice Susanna MASON?    
Oct 1891 James BLYTHE North Creake Mary Ann PAGE    
Dec 1894 Jonathan HILL   Caroline Eliza FEN Norwich  
Oct 1895 Walter BUGDALE   Maggie COLMAN Tatterford  
Mar 1896 Stephen REEDER   Clara SPRINGWELL Bawdeswell  
May 1896 Jonathan PARK   Sarah Charlotte CHRISTMAS Gt Yarmouth Groom is Widower
Jan 1898 Edgar GEORGE St Chad's Thorn Norwich Ethel Mary HUNTER    
Sep 1898 Albert WATERS Ryburgh Agnes Eunia NOBES    
Sep 1898 Albert Charles NOBES   Matilda Mary WILKIN Hindringham  
Oct 1898 William ALLEN Thursford Emma BARSHAM    
Dec 1898 Robert Henry HOWARD   Sophia Mabel LANG St Andrews Bath Bride is Widow
Mar 1899 George WOOLLARD Lt Walsingham May JARVIS    
Sep 1899 John Frederick STARLING Barney Frances Ann? HARVEY?    
Feb 1900 Roger Perry BOSWORTH   Thelma Joan HEALIS? St James Hope Eccles  
Dec 1900 Charles William COOPER   Emma Sarah IVES Briston  
Oct 1901 John MANOR   Elizabeth Mary ARNOLD    
Dec 1901 Reginald Henry COPPING? Willow Walk Cambridge Mary Elizabeth NEWSON OR NEAVE    
Oct 1902 Herbert George NEAVE   Clara Mavis NOBES    



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