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Updated on 26 May, 2012

On this page are the Gt & Lt Snoring voters between 1714 and 1837.

POLL BOOKS - printed after each election - are lists of those who voted in elections, so they do not include everyone entitled to vote (unlike electoral registers). The earliest is dated 1696; they continued until 1872, when voting was made secret. Most manuscript poll books were destroyed in 1896, but many had been printed by local publishers.

They list the name of each voter and the candidate(s) for whom he voted. They contain the name and place of residence of the voter and the location of the 'Freehold' which entitled the voter to his vote. Therefore the Poll Books include only a small proportion of the population.

At the time, a property qualification was necessary to be eligible to vote. From 1727 to 1793 only Protestants with a freehold worth at least 40 shillings per year had a vote. Between 1793 and 1829, both Protestants and Roman Catholics with 40 shillings freeholds had votes. In 1829, all 40 shillings Freeholders lost the vote.

Voting Polls

Poll 1714-15

Poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, Feb 18, 1714/5

Snoring Magna, North Greenhow Hundred
Snoring Parva, Gallow Hundred
P=Parva, M=Magna (Parva - Little, Magna - Great)
(See graphic of the Hundreds of Norfolk)

Auly George
Back Nicholas, P. Tacolnesto(n).
Clark Richard, M.
Clark Thomas, M. Warham
Cork William
Cushen Richard
Dent James, P.
Ellys John Sculthorp(e)
Ellys Thomas, P.
Favers John, M. Burnham
Favers John, M.
Fenn Obadiah, M.
Fezer Robert, P. Colby
Flemming Ambrose, M.
Flemming John, M.
Fox Edward, M.
Fox Thomas
Giggen John, M.
Johnson John, P.
John William, P.
Master Edmund
Newell Thomas, M.
Nobbs William, P. Melton Con(stable)
Nonne John, M. Thorpland
Porter Henry, P.
Pyle John, P. Castleacre (Castle Acre)
Rix Henry, M.
Rix Robert, M.
Robertson Robert, M. Snoring P(arva).
Saviours Thomas, M.
Smith George, M.
Webb William, M.
Wright Edmund, M. Fakenham
Wright Thomas, M.

Poll 1734

Poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

P=Parva, M=Magna (Parva - Little, Magna - Great)

Outside Snoring
John Seel Freehold in Lt Snoring
Samuel Anderson "Snoring" no further information

In "Snoring" itself
Matthew Barnes P
Thomas Clarke M
William Clarke M
William Cork P
John Dobson M
John Favors M
Christopher Franklyn P
John Hudson (Little Snoring)
Benjamin Lane - Vicar of Little Snoring
John Leech P
Richard Matlis M
Henry Rix P
William Strangleman P
Robert Worship M
John Wright P
John Wright P
Thomas Wright M
(page 154 of pdf and 151 of Poll Book)

Poll 1768

Poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, March 23, 1768 taken William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The directory now contains the names of the Freeholders and where the Freeholds lie and in the next column the place of Residence of the person entitled to vote.

Snoring Great.
Alvis Andrew, Clerk[-] Great Snoring Rectory
Fleming John Great Snoring ---
Morris Cooper Great Snoring John Westley
Plowright John Great Snoring ---
Rix John Great Snoring ---
Shirley John Great Snoring Wm. Franklin

Outside Snoring
Etheridge Anthony Great Snoring --- Olley, &c.
Knatts Thomas Great Snoring Wm. Robinson
(Walsingham Little)
Aggs William Little Snoring, Gall. Luke Lane
Watts Joseph Great Snoring John Rix

Snoring Little
Barnes [Barns] Matthew Little Snoring ---
Fidgett William Little Snoring ---
Hemmington Sam[uel], Cl. Binham, N. Gr. Rectory
Matsell John Little Snoring ---
Purland Thomas Guist, Eyns. --- Buck
Wells Thomas Little Snoring ---
Wright James Thursford, N. Gr. ---

Poll 1802

Poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, 12th to 20th July, 1802 [printed by Stevenson and Matchett].

Snoring Little
Day Christr. Rudham Dodman
Gowens Marshall Little Snoring Occupier = Himself
Hill Joseph Wood Norton John Nobes
Laws Samuel Little Snoring Himself
Lawes Benj. Little Snoring Himself
Moore Thomas Briston T. Woodcock
Olley John Little Snoring John Paston
Stibbard John East Rudham J. Stibbard, jn.
Tuck Wm. Little Snoring Bugwell
Tuck Wm. Little Snoring Himself
Tuck Wm. Little Snoring W. Tuck
Wright Samuel Little Snoring W. Bushell

Snoring Great
Bray Wm. Great Snoring Himself
Burrell Dan. Great Snoring Himself
Crask Tho. Hindringham O. Youngs
Fleming John, esq. Great Snoring Himself
Fawcett James, clerk Great Snoring Himself
Parnell Henry Great Snoring Himself
Ramm Wm. Kettlestone T. Stand
Rix Wm. Great Snoring Himself
Wright James Great Snoring Himself

Lt Walsingham
Frohawk Fras. Great Snoring Himself
Peach Paul Great Snoring W. Rix

Barnes Matthew Little Snoring Tho. Burton

Poll 1817

Poll for one Knight of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d of May, 1817. 2nd ed. Norwich : Printed by and for Stevenson, Matchett, and Stevenson, 1817.

Little Snoring (all these place of freehold = Lt Snoring)
Barnes Matthew (Occupier = himself)
Gowers Matthew ditto
Jex Thomas ditto
Lawes Samuel ditto
Lawes Benj M Palmer
Tuck William E Barnes
Tuck Wm Jnr T Burton

Gt Snoring
Bray William - Gt Snoring - himself
Bloom Edward - ditto - ditto
Fleming John, Esq - ditto - ditto
Parnell Henry - ditto -himself
Ramm William - Kettlestone - J Pert
Rix William - Gt Snoring himself
Ward John ditto ditto

1832 List of Qualified Voters

Little Snoring

Where Held
Barnes Matthew
Freehold house and land
Rayes Head, next to Thursford to Snoring Rd
Back Henry
Copyhold house
Own occupation and Henry Nobes,
Next to Fakenham-Holt Road
Dent William
Rental 50 shillings per annum
The Glebe Farm
Dennis James
Old Buckenham Freehold house and land
Own occp next to road called Wade's Beck Rd
Gowers Marshall
Next street and turnpike from Wells-Norwich
Sharingham Edward
Occuper of farms and lands
Self occp, Lt Snoring
Sheringham Thomas
Rental 50 upwards
Spring Corner
Powell Nicholas
Rental 50 upwards
Near turnpike Wells-Norwich
Tuck William
Freehold lands
Little London, Own occp
Tuddenham John
Copyhold house and lands
Own occp and Paul Crowe, Parsons and Parker

Gt Snoring

Where Held
Cobon John
Gt Snoring
Farm above 50L per an
Gt Snor, nr Wells Road
Dugmore John Jnr
Lands, tenements Occp John Cohon,
Gt Snor, nr Wells Road
Frohawk Francis
Houghton in Hole
Copyhold house land above 10L per an
Gt Snor, nr Thursford Road
Jackson Christopher
Gt Snoring
Freehold land occupied by himself and two others
Gt Snor, nr Thursford Road
Kent Revd Geo Edw
Lt Walsingham
Freehold land, belongs to Grammar School at Lt Walsingham of which he is Master; Occp by Wm Leeder
Gt Snoring
Southgate Sampson
Gt Snoring
Occupation of farm above 50L per an
Gt Snor, nr Thursford Road

Poll 1835

Poll for Two Knights of the Shire for the Western Division of the County of Norfolk: Taken on the 15th and 16th of January, 1835

Little Snoring
Back Henry Little Snoring
Dent Wm do
Gowers Märshall do
Powell Nicholas do
Sheringham Thomas Little Snoring
Tuck William farmer do
Tuck William carpenter do
Tuddenham John do

Great Snoring
Bradfield Charles do
Cobon John Great Snoring
Dugmore John jun Swaffham
Frohawk Francis jun Houghton in the Hole
Jackson Christopher Great Snoring
Kent George Edward Clerk Little Walsingham
Southgate Samson Great Snoring

Poll 1837

Poll for Two Knights of the Shire for the Western Division of the County of Norfolk: Taken on the 1st & 2nd of August, 1837

Snoring Little
Barwick John Little Snoring
Back Henry do
Barnes Matthew do
Brett William Fakenham
Banyard John Little Snoring
Dent William do
Dennis James Old Buckenham
Gowers Marshall Little Snoring
Norman Robert Turner do
Powell Nicholas do
Sayer John Sculthorpe
Sayer John jun Dalston place
Sheringham Thomas Little Snoring
Tuck William farmer do
Tuck William carpenter do
Tuddenham John do
Wright John jun East Tuddenham

Snoring Great
Blofield Robert Fakenham
Bradfield Charles Great Snoring
Bray William do
Dugmore John junr Swaffham
Jackson Christoper Great Snoring
Leeder Robert Clerk Little Walsingham
Southgate Sampson Great Snoring
Standard Christopher Clerk do
Thompson Gabriel do
Whistler John do

Gt Cressingham
Norman Turner Robert Snoring

Barwick John Lt Snoring

Electoral Registers

Electoral Registers also known as 'Electoral Rolls'

Electoral registers are more useful to family and local historians than are pollbooks. They are annual, so will show when particular individuals became eligible to vote in a particular place, and when they left that place. Electoral registers list everyone who was eligible to vote in parliamentary and local elections (unlike the poll voting lists as above) and were compiled annually from 1832.

They were introduced by the Representation of the People Act 1832; henceforth, the right to vote could only be exercised by those on the register. Registers have been compiled annually since then, except in 1917 and between 1940 and 1944. They did not entirely replace pollbooks until 1872, when the ballot became secret.

From 1867, theoretically, every adult male householder who had been resident for a year could vote, as could heads of families lodging in unfurnished rooms with a rent of £10 p.a. or more.

From 1884 all male householders, including most rural labourers, could vote. Still excluded were heads of households in shared houses, adult males living with parents and soldiers in barracks.

Women aged 30 or over got the vote in 1918.
From 1928 everyone over 21 could vote
From 1969 every British Citizen from the age of 18 can vote.

As the franchise became wider, so electoral registers became fuller. The 1832 act probably doubled the number of those eligible to vote. Further acts passed in 1867, 1884, 1918 and 1928. Each substantially increased the size of the electorate, and hence the number of names recorded in electoral registers.

Electoral registers give the name and 'place of abode' of the voter, and (until 1948) the nature of his/her qualification to vote, together with the names of any tenants.

It's possible to see the Electoral Registers online at the LDS Family Research Website


Go to the Family Research Website where there are online images of Norfolk Voting registers from 1834 to 1915 are available at the LDS familysearch website.

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  • Scroll down list
  • Select Title - "England, Norfolk Register of Electors, 1844-1952"
  • Select "Browse through xxx images"
  • Under County pick - "Norfolk"
  • Select a Division - The Snorings are the Western Division
  • Select required election.

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