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Updated on 2 June, 2012


This page contains records of apprentices in both Great and Little Snoring. There may be family names here that are useful to you.

Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811

This table lists the names of Gt & Lt Snoring apprentices and the money received for the payment on taxes for an apprentice’s indenture between 1710-1811.

The registers kept track of the money paid by masters of a trade to have an apprentice. The dates in the records are for when the tax was paid and may be some years after the apprenticeship, not when it started or finished.

Until 1752, the apprentice’s parents’ names were included, but afterward are rare. The records include:

  • Sum received
  • Name of master
  • Address of master
  • Trade
  • Name of apprentice
  • Date of articles of apprenticeship

The masters did not have to pay stamp duty on the apprentices that were assigned by the common or public charge of any township or parish. This means a lot of apprentices won’t be included in these records. Local or charity records are the best place to find records of these types of apprenticeships.

Master's Name Apprentice Name Residence Year


Heny Back John Frary 1754
Henry Back Thos Rumble 1761
Wm Bull Jas Long 1721
Joseph Gottes Saml Wright 1760
Jarrett Nichols Thos Wright 1792
Jarrett Nickalls Edmund Simmons 1794
Jarrett Nickalls Wm Tuck 1796
Jarrett Nickalls Jas Cooper 1799
Jarrett Nickalls Jas Clarke 1806
John Olley Danl Yaxley 1760
Edmond Olly Robert Capland 1750
Wm Palmer Stephen Dodman 1778
Jno Palmer Jas Clark 1794
Thos Ramm Robt Parker 1763
Jno Sharringham Wm Sharringham 1796
Saml Wright Robt Tompson 1764
Saml Wright John Lake 1767
Sam Wright Jno Wright 1774


Robert Brooks Henry Godard 1759
Robert Brooks Robert Brownsell 1760
Samel Brown Wm Brown 1752
Jno Cark Tho Worship 1773
Thos Clark Richd Dennis 1757
John Clark Wm Powell 1767
Ths Clarke Thos Backer 1765
Tho Clarke Jno Brown 1772
Thomas Clarke George Matsell 1781
Wm Clarke Wm Buck 1786
Wm Cook Nichs Tubbing 1720
John Green Robert Claxton 1755
Chas Green Benjn Bullock 1786
Adam Kerrison Chas Southgate 1804
Jno Leveret Jno Lambert 1774
Wm Loades Anthony Browne 1775
Wm Loades Thos Wright 1795
Wm Man Jno Jekell 1723
Will Man Geo Bulling 1729  
Will Mann Thos Roads 1743
Wm Mays Jno Page 1792
Cooper Morris Robt Lake 1766
Robt Pile Robt Southgate 1790
Henry Riches Jno Lake 1790
Hen Rix Thomas Curle 1774
Hen Rix Jas Rumball 1777
Henry Shepheard James Rix 1737
Jas Spooner Thos Worship 1791  
John Young Philip (?) 1744

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