Workhouse Inmates


For many people the workhouse was the place of last resort. Reasons for going to the workhouse were chronic illness, disability, unemployment, pregnancy, debt and abandonment by parents or spouse. Whole families sometimes ended up in the workhouse, and some returned more than once.

As paupers arrived at the workhouse they were washed and their hair was cut short. All their belongings were taken away and they were given a workhouse uniform to wear. Families were separated, with men, women and children living in separate blocks.

This was probably not considered cruel, since it offered more privacy, and prevented abuses. All inmates had to do some kind of work.

Staff and Occupants of the Workhouse 1901

Isaac PRIEST M 56 1845 Head; Master of Workhouse Amblecote Staffordshire
Mary PRIEST M 55 1846 Wife; Matron Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire
Lucy PRIEST S 28 1873 Daughter; Schoolmistress Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire
Robert CADAMY M 44 1857 Officer; Porter Wells Next the Sea
Esther CADAMY M 55 1846 Officer; Cook Great Snoring
Agnes L FAIRBANK W 46 1855 Officer; Superintendent Nurse Brentford Middlesex
Agnes J FAIRBANK S 23 1878 Officer; Assistant Nurse Newcastle Northumberland
Helen SHAFTO S 20 1881 Officer; Probationer Nurse Kings Lynn
Ellen MATSELL S 26 1875 Officer; Industrial Trainer Assistant Matron Binham
John BACON S 50 1851 Officer; Boys Caretaker Fakenham
Harriett EGGLETON S 48 1853 Servant (domestic) Stibbard
Thomas WISKER W 64 1837 Draper Shopkeeper Blakeney
William BARD or BOND 11 1890 Blakeney
Anna BARD or BOND 9 1892 Blakeney
Maria BULLEN W 76 1825 Shop keeper Retd Blakeney
Charles WINTERSTONE M 50 1851 Ag Lab Hindolveston
Martha WINTERSTONE M 48 1853 Domestic servant Fulmodeston
Mary A WINTERSTONE 14 1887 Hindolveston
Charles WINTERSTONE 12 1889 Fulmodeston
Louisa WINTERSTONE 9 1892 Fulmodeston
Mabel WINTERSTONE 4 1897 Fulmodeston
Bertie WINTERSTONE 8 Months 1900 Blakeney
Thomas COLMAN W 75 1826 Agricultural labourer retired Barney
Dorothy THOMPSON 4 1897 Not Known
William WEBSDALE S 77 1824 Navvy retired Bury Suffolk
John CREMAR M 53 1848 Agricultural labourer Fakenham
Herbert GREEN 11 1890 Fakenham
Phillip SIMMONS S 44 1857 No occupation Fakenham
Mina LOCKWOOD W 76 1825 Labourer Hingham
Rose HIPKIN S 16 1885 London Middlesex
Mary HIPKIN 12 1889 Great Snoring
Emma LOWDER S 52 1849 Domestic servant Fakenham
George MAKINS M 45 1856 Farm steward Whissonsett
Susannah WARD S 45 1856 Steward Cley Next the Sea
Emma TODD S 25 1876 Servant Fakenham
Florence TODD 2 1899 Thorne Yorkshire
Ellen SPRINGILL S 22 1879 Servant Sevenoaks Kent
Esther HUNT M 45 1856 Cook Great Snoring
Matthew HUNT 18 1883 Agricultural labourer Houghton in the Hole
George NEWSTEAD W 56 1845 Agricultural labourer Cockthorpe
Walter G BULLEN S 19 1882 Agricultural labourer Field Dalling
William NEALE S 70 1831 Agricultural labourer retired Fulmodeston
William GREEN S 76 1825 Carpenter Houghton in the Hole
William HARWARD S 62 1839 Agricultural labourer Helhoughton
Sarah ALCOCK W 64 1837 Domestic servant Houghton in the Hole
Thomas TODD W 75 1826 Gardener Holkham
Alice RICHES S 32 1869 Fakenham
Robert PERT M 51 1850 Agricultural labourer Kettlestone
John MASSINGHAM W 84 1817 Navvy Langham
William POOLEY S 68 1833 Sailor Morston
James YOUNGS S 77 1824 Shepherd Ruddham
John READ S 76 1825 Agricultural labourer West Raynham
Robert BARNES S 80 1821 Agricultural labourer Saxingham
James BARNES S 63 1838 Agricultural labourer Field Dalling
James ALCOCK W 84 1817 Agricultural labourer Shereford
Mary A REEVE W 84 1817 Shopkeeper Great Walsingham
Ann COOPER S 59 1842 No occupation Great Snoring
Robert SEPPINGS S 65 1836 Blacksmith retired Fakenham
Florence HOWLETT 8 1893 Stibbard
William WORDINGHAM W 77 1824 Agricultural labourer retired Stiffkey
Mary HENDRY W 73 1828 Taylor North Walsham
Robert MANN S 70 1831 Agricultural labourer Wells Next the Sea
William READ W 80 1821 Peddler Wisbeach Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth RANSOME W 78 1823 Ladies companion Wells Next the Sea
Henry HOWARD S 76 1825 Porter on Quay Wells Next the Sea
Sarah PULL S 36 1865 No occupation Wells Next the Sea
Abram SMITHBONE S 70 1831 Sailor retired Wells Next the Sea
Henry LEWIS W 70 1831 Agricultural labourer retired Wells Next the Sea
Maria STREET S 68 1833 No occupation Wells Next the Sea
Elizabeth PERRY 9 1892 Wells Next the Sea
Harry R COX M 70 1831 Knappers Assistant Yeovil Somerset
Jamie COOK M 76 1825 Shepherd retired Ovington
Margaret COOK M 75 1826 Domestic servant Great Massingham
William COOK W 70 1831 Porter Wells Next the Sea
Maria WATSON W 82 1819 Malster South Creake
Thomas DICKERSON W 80 1821 Sailor Wells Next the Sea
John NEWLAND W 83 1818 Carpenter Aylsham
Frank MORTER S 42 1859 Wells Next the Sea
Alice COE 18 1883 Domestic servant Wighton
Thomas HODGSON M 77 1824 Housepainter Docking
Henry BUCKINGHAM S 54 1847 Agricultural labourer Fakenham
Elizabeth WICK S 63 1838 Laundress Holkham
William BELL M 82 1819 Stone Turner Sculthorpe
Ann M CHESNEY W 58 1843 No occupation Kings Lynn
William SMITH S 60 1841 Cabinetmaker Woolwich Middlesex
John HARNSON W 62 1839 Painter Lancaster Lancashire
Alfred CLARKE S 48 1853 Agricultural labourer Clerkenwell Middlesex


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