Workhouse Inmates


For many people the workhouse was the place of last resort. Reasons for going to the workhouse were chronic illness, disability, unemployment, pregnancy, debt and abandonment by parents or spouse. Whole families sometimes ended up in the workhouse, and some returned more than once.

As paupers arrived at the workhouse they were washed and their hair was cut short. All their belongings were taken away and they were given a workhouse uniform to wear. Families were separated, with men, women and children living in separate blocks.

This was probably not considered cruel, since it offered more privacy, and prevented abuses. All inmates had to do some kind of work.

Staff and Occupants of the Workhouse 1881

Isaac PRIEST M 36 Master Of Workhouse Amblecote Stafford
Mary PRIEST M 35 Matron Of Workhouse Newcastle U Lyme Stafford
Lucy PRIEST  8 Scholar Newcastle U Lyme Stafford
Mary BEANE U 25 Schoolmistress Thursford
Sarah Christiana Ann HOWISON W 44 Nurse Shereford
Walter RUMSBY M 32 Porter In Workhouse Bixley
Rosetta RUMSBY M 30 Cook Surlingham
Maria ALLEN U 42 Masters Domestic Servant Hindringham
Robert ALLEN U 46 Seaman Imbecile Wells Next The Sea
William ALLEN W 65 Master Mariner Wells Next The Sea
Hannah ARCHER U 24 General Servant Domestic
Richard ARCHER  2 Son Of Domestic Servant Great Snoring
John BACON U 34 Butcher Fakenham
Arthur Edward BAILEY 4m Bakers Grandson Great Snoring
Ernest Albert BAILEY  6 Bakers Grandson Field Dalling
Maria Elizabeth BAILEY U 27 Bakers Daughter Cley Next The Sea
William BALLS W 70 Sailor Wells Next The Sea
Jonathan BANHAM U 52 Agricultural Labourer Briningham
George BELL U 45 Soldier Discharged (Army Pens) Imbecile Great Snoring
Sarah BELL M 39 Blacksmiths Wife Knightsbridge Middlesex
William BIRD U 74 Agricultural Labourer Sculthorpe
Joseph BOTTOMLEY M 72 Carpenter Wells Next The Sea
James COBON W 76 Baker Letheringsett
Thomas COLLS U 65 Baker Fakenham
Christopher William COOK  9 Scholar Great Snoring
Thomas COOK 15 Scholar Wells Next The Sea
James COPPIN 10 Scholar Great Snoring
Laura COPPIN 13 Scholar
Susanna COPPIN 14 Scholar
John Robert CREMER U 32 Agricultural Labourer Imbecile Pensthorpe
William CURSON W 72 Sailor Stiffkey
Thomas DALLASTONE U 69 Groom Domestic Servant Middleton
Henry DALTON U 65 Agricultural Labourer Binham
Thomas DENNIS  8 Scholar Little Ryburgh
Samuel DOY W 74 Agricultural Labourer Thursford
William DOY W 51 Sailor Barnaby Suffolk
Arthur DUGDALE U 19 Agricultural Labourer Little Snoring
Harriet EGGLETON U 25 Agricultural Labourers Daughter Stibbard
James EGGLETON 13 Scholar Great Snoring
Robert EGGLETON 9m Agricultural Labourers Grandson Great Snoring
Edmund Henry EGMERE  1 Son Of Domestic Servant Great Snoring
Joanna EGMERE 14 Scholar Sculthorpe
Julia EGMERE U 17 Domestic Servant Sculthorpe
Mary Ann EVERETT U 40 Agricultural Labourers Daughter Imbecile Fulmodestone
Alfred FOSTER 11 Scholar
Samuel FOSTER U 60 House Painter Fakenham
Henry FULLER 13 Scholar Norwich Norwich
Susannah HARPER 12 Scholar London Middlesex
Charlotte HARRISON  7 Scholar Fakenham
Georgina HARRISON 10 Scholar
Harriet HARRISON 13 Scholar London Middlesex
Henry HOWARD U 58 Sailor Wells Next The Sea
Edward HUGGINS  7 Scholar Fakenham
Wortley HUGGINS W 58 Bricklayers Labourer Hempton
Charles HURN W 65 Agricultural Labourer Gunthorpe
Robert JARY W 77 Agricultural Labourer Imbecile Wiveton
Esther KENDLE W 78 Agricultural Labourers Wife Fulmodestone
William LAKE W 77 Agricultural Labourer Little Walsingham
Lydia LARGE W 67 Tollgate Keepers Wife Wighton
Maria LOADS U 47 Coopers Daughter Little Ryburgh
Ruth LOADS U 16 Coopers Grand Daughter Little Ryburgh
John MASSINGHAM U 71 Agricultural Labourer Binham
Richard MAYES W 82 Shoemaker Brinton
Gabriel MORGAN W 86 Shoemaker Fakenham
Edward OLLEY 13 Scholar Bridgenorth Shropshire
Thomas William OTWAY U 70 Agricultural Labourers Son Idiot Blakeney
Clara PALMER 10 Scholar
Hannah PAWLEY W 75 Butchers Wife London Surrey
George PEARCE W 77 Agricultural Labourer Sculthorpe
Robert PIGOT U 45 Agricultural Labourer Warham All Saints
George PILBY U 46 Bricklayer Portsmouth Hampshire
Robert PILE W 81 Agricultural Labourer Fulmodestone
Elizabeth RICHES W 53 Gardeners Wife
(Domestic Servant)
East Raynham
George RICHES U 77 Agricultural Labourer Warham All Saints
Sarah RINGWOOD U 36 Plumber & Glaziers Daughter Imbecile Wells Next The Sea
Henry RIX 11 Scholar Wells Next The Sea
John RIX U 56 Bricklayers Labourer Binham
William RUSSELL U 63 Agricultural Labourer Hempton
Darken Robert SAVAGE U 50 Blacksmith Gunthorpe
Frank SIMMONS W 71 Agricultural Labourer Sculthorpe
Robert SIMMONS U 67 Bricklayers Labourer Sculthorpe
John SKILLINGS W 73 Miller Briningham
Eliza TOMLINSON W 69 Gardeners Wife Wells Next The Sea
John William TUCK U 80 Agricultural Labourer Wighton
George William TURNER 12 Scholar
Lydia TURNER 10 Scholar
Henry WARD 63 Agricultural Labourer Imbecile & Blind East Barsham
Sarah WAYTE W 77 Hatters Wife Imbecile Wells Next The Sea
William WEBSDALE U 66 Agricultural Labourer Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
John WHITE W 61 House Painter West Bromwich Stafford
Elizabeth WICK W 89 Accountant To Merchants Wife Wisbeach Cambridge
John WICK W 77 Agricultural Labourer Holkham
William WICK U 73 Agricultural Labourer Holkham
William WILKIN W 80 Agricultural Labourer Little Walsingham
Annie Elizabeth WILKINSON  5 Scholar Little Ryburgh
Robert WILKINSON 14 Scholar Little Ryburgh
William WILKINSON  9 Scholar Great Snoring
Ann WILLDEN W 83 Master Millers Wife Wymondham
Mary WILTSHIRE W 67 Agricultural Labourers Wife Great Barton Suffolk
Thomas YEOMANS W 83 Gardener Domestic Servant Hindringham


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