Workhouse Inmates


For many people the workhouse was the place of last resort. Reasons for going to the workhouse were chronic illness, disability, unemployment, pregnancy, debt and abandonment by parents or spouse. Whole families sometimes ended up in the workhouse, and some returned more than once.

As paupers arrived at the workhouse they were washed and their hair was cut short. All their belongings were taken away and they were given a workhouse uniform to wear. Families were separated, with men, women and children living in separate blocks.

This was probably not considered cruel, since it offered more privacy, and prevented abuses. All inmates had to do some kind of work.

Staff and Occupants of the Workhouse 1851

James RATCLIFF M 52 Master All Saints Dby
Elizabeth RATCLIFF M 44 Matron Eston Yorks
Harriot HOWLETT U 21 School Mistress Yaxham
Ann BUCK W 60 Nurse Wells
Leonard PATRICK W 50 House Porter Attleborough
Charlotte WAGG M 30 General Servant Norwich
George Taylor WRIGHT U 25 Schoolmaster Fakenham
William ALLEN W 65 Carrier Wells
Emila ANTINGHAM 10 Scholar Dunton
Victoria ANTINGHAM 12 Scholar Dunton
Jemima ANTINGHAM 3 Scholar Dunton
John ANTINGHAM 5 Scholar Dunton
Bridget ANTINGHAM U 19 Labourer Dunton
William BALDWIN M 68 Labourer Little Walsingham
William BALL U 42 Sailor Wells
William BARNES W 66 Labourer Barney
Robert BARNES M 67 Labourer Hempton
Sarah BARNES U 14 Scholar Hindringham
Barbary BATTERBY U 62 Seamstress Helhoughton
William BECKERTON U 71 Groom Wells
Henry BERWICK W 61 Labourer Kettlestone
Thomas BOULTER U 66 Brick Layers Labourer Fakenham
Elisha BRIGGS U 33 Shoe Maker Gt Walsingham
Elizabeth BRIGHT U 58 Fisher Woman Wells
Emma BROUGHTON 8 Scholar Morston
Elizabeth BUGDALE 6 Little Snoring
William BUGDALE M 27 Labourer Little Snoring
Ann BUGDALE M 22 Washer Woman Little Snoring
Rudd BUNN W 75 Millwright Great Snoring
Fountain BUNTING 6 Scholar Brimingham
Frances BUNTING U 28 Labourer Brimingham
William BUSHELL 13 Scholar Hindringham
Thomas BUSHELL 15 Scholar Hindringham
Maria CHILVAS U 28 Seamstress South Rudham
Alfred CHILVAS U 6 Langham
Sarah Ann COE 3 Walsingham Union
William COE 3 Walsingham Union
George COE 1 Walsingham Union
James COE 12 Scholar Clay
Elizabeth COE U 37 Washer Woman Wells
Sarah Ann COE U 32 Washer Woman Sarrington or Tarrington
James CURSON 4 Saxlingham
William CURSON 2 Saxlingham
Thomas CURSON M 30 Labourer Saxlingham
Sarah CURSON M 25 Labourer Sculthorpe
Thomas DENT 14 Scholar Morston
Esther DENT 7 Scholar Morston
Laben DENT 9 Scholar Morston
Hannah DREWERY 5 Scholar Wells
Elizabeth DREWERY 7 Scholar Wells
Mary DREWERY 9 Scholar Wells
George DREWERY U 34 Maltster Wells
Frances EGGLETON 1 Walsingham Union
John EGGLETON 3 Stibbard
Fredrick EGGLETON 3 Walsingham Union
Eliza EGGLETON U 25 Washer Woman Stibbard
Robert EGGLETON W 79 Labourer Stibbard
William FISH U 21 Labourer Saxlingham
Mary FULLAR U 25 WasherWoman Gunthorpe
Robert Rodgers GRAVER 1 Walsingham Union
Mary Ann GRAVER 11 Scholar East Basham
Walter GRAVER 7 Scholar Walsingham Union
Sarah GRAVER U 35 Washer Woman East Basham
Sarah GROOM 1 Sculthorpe
Mary GROOM U 25 Labourer Sculthorpe
Harriot HALL U 22 Seamstress Wells
James HOLMAN 14 Scholar Thursford
Joseph HOLMAN 9 Scholar Thursford
John HOWE M 43 CoachMan Great Ryburgh
Edmund JARVES U 65 Labourer Gunthorpe
William KENDLE 6 Scholar Walsingham Union
Solomon KENDLE W 64 Labourer Barney
Robert KINGSTEAD 3 Little Walsingham
Cornelias KINGSTEAD 8 Scholar Little Walsingham
Martha KINGSTEAD U 34 Seamstress Little Walsingham
Thomas KNIGHTS U 21 Miller Field Dalling
Walter LACK 6 Gt Snoring
Ann LACK U 29 Labourer Gt Snoring
Harriot LEE U 18 Washer Woman Hindringham
Phillop LEECH U 68 Coachman Holkham
Walter LEWIS 1 Walsingham Union
Ann LEWIS 28 Labourer Tattersell
Fredrick LEWIS 9 Scholar Tattersell
Kesiah LONG 12 Scholar Wells
George LONG 8 Scholar Wells
William LONG U 53 Shoe Maker Wells
Ellen LONG U 10 Scholar Wells
James LOWN U 61 Labourer Wells
John LYNN U 18 Labourer Gunthorpe
Robert MARHAM 1 West Barsham
John MARHAM 4 West Barsham
Edward MARHAM 5 Scholar West Barsham
John MARHAM M 27 Labourer West Barsham
Martha MARHAM M 24 Labourer West Barsham
Susanna MATTHEWS 10 Scholar Wells
Elizabeth MATTHEWS 12 Scholar Wells
Sarah MATTHEWS 4 Scholar Wells
Sarah MATTHEWS U 32 Washer Woman Wells
George NEWTON U 54 Labourer Fakenham
Isaac NICKLES 8 Scholar Little Snoring
John NICKLES U 12 Scholar Little Snoring
Robert NOBES 1 Little Walsingham
Alexander NOBES 12 Scholar Little Walsingham
Caroline NOBES 3 Walsingham Union
George NOBES 4 Scholar Little Walsingham
Henry NOBES M 25 Labourer Little Snoring
Caroline NOBES M 26 Washer Woman Germany
Elizth. NOBES U 32 Washer Woman Little Walsingham
John NOBES W 71 Labourer Wighton
Mary Ann OLIVER M 62 Seamstress Glasgow Scotland
James PARKER 40 Chelsea Out Pensioner Tattersell
William POOLEY 14 Scholar Morston
Ellen POOLEY U 16 Seamstress Morston
Fredrick POWELL 10 Scholar Marylebone London
Edward POWELL 12 Scholar MaryleBone London
Robert PURDY 11 Scholar Stiffkey
Louisa PURDY 12 Scholar Stiffkey
John PURDY 8 Scholar Stiffkey
Susanna READ 6 Scholar Norwich
Robert READ 4 Scholar Norwich
Margaret READ 5 Scholar Walsingham Union
Ann READ U 46 Seamstress West Rainham
Edward READ U 14 Scholar West Rainham
Rachel READ U 2 Walsingham Union
Edmund RIX U 65 Taylor Bungay
Maria ROADS U 20 Seamstress Little Ryburgh
Charlotte ROBINSON 2 Little Walsingham
Robert ROBINSON 4 Scholar Little Walsingham
Ann ROBINSON 5 Scholar Wells
Sarah ROBINSON 7 Scholar Wells
Jane ROBINSON 9 Scholar Wells
Charlotte ROBINSON U 31 Seamstress Little Walsingham
William ROBINSON W 86 Labourer Hindringham
George ROBINSON W 44 Fisherman Burnham
Ann ROLLING U 22 Labourer Little Snoring
Elizabeth RUTLAND U 24 Labourer Fakenham
Hannah Elizabeth RUTLAND U 1 Walsingham Union
Maria SAVAGE 10 Scholar Wells
George SAVAGE 12 Scholar Wells
Henry SAWYER U 23 Blacksmith Warham
Henry SECKER U 36 Labourer Gunthorpe
Charles SIZLAND U 32 Groom Fakenham
Samuel SKIPPON U 55 Weaver Fakenham
Peter SOUTHCOURT U 50 Druggist Fakenham
Rebecca SPENCE U 61 Seamstress Blakeney
Edward STEEL U 72 Carpenter Wells
Joseph STONE 7 Scholar Warham
Henery STONE 13 Scholar Marham
Edward STONE 15 Scholar Marham
Margaret STONE U 23 Washer Woman Marham
Ebeneza STONE U 8 Scholar Warham
William STRINGER U 66 Labourer West Rainham
Robert SUBBACK OR LUBBOCK W 77 Farmer Lynn
Ann TURNER 10 Scholar Wells
Hannah TURNER U 12 Scholar Wells
John WALLS W 53 Labourer Helhoughton
Thomas WARNES U 63 Labourer Blakeney
Isaac WARREN W 34 Maltster Wells
Robert WHITE 14 Scholar Gt Snoring
Maria WOODHOUSE U 20 Seamstress Fakenham
Samuel WOODHOUSE W 83 Labourer Sarrington or Tarrington
Robert WRIGHT U 59 Labourer Tattersell
Charles WRIGHT U 67 Coal Porter Fridley Staffordshire
John WRIGHT W 67 Fisherman Wells


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