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As the introductory page explains, this little chapel was set up for the 'dissenting' people of Great Snoring (of which my own family were a large part).

The land was donated in 1874 by a number of local landowners, whose signatures can be seen below in the original Conveyance deed.

The deed was discovered in my Uncle's house when he died. It was donated by me to the Great Snoring Historical archive.

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Great Snoring Methodist Chapel

Deeds of the Land on which the Methodist Chapel was Built

this indenture signed and sealed front    
signed and sealed


1321. 8th September
One pound nine shillings & six pence

Dated 11th June 1874

Mr Frederick Cooke
Mr J. Bushell and others


Of a piece of land in Great Snoring in Norfolk, for the erection of a Primitive Methodist Chapel

Enrolled in her Majesty’s High Court of Chancery, the 8th day of Sept 1874 (being first duly stamped) according to the tenor of the statues made for that purpose 839.

This Indenture made the 11th day June 1874

between Frederick Cook of Great Snoring, in the county of Norfolk, Wheelwright, of the first part; Joseph Bushell and Samuel Bushell both of the same place, Machinists, Robert Archer of the same place, Shepherd, Robert White, Charles Yaxham and William Marham all of the same place, Laborours, William Cook of the same place, Carpenter, Thomas Edward Basham of Marham All Saints in the said Country, Laborour, Arthus John Watsom of Lt Walsingham in the said county, Harness Maker, Richard Rix Sandle of the same place, Shepherd, (hereinafter called the Trustees) of the second part and James Kemish of Fakenham in the said county (the Superintendent Preacher for the time being of the circuit or station in the Primitive Methodist Connexion in which the piece of ground and hereditaments hereinafter described are situate) of the third part;

Whereas by an indenture bearing date the 11th day of October 1873 and made between William Southgate therein described of the one part and the said Frederick Cook of the other part for the valuable considerations therein mentioned, the said William Southgate did grant unto and to the use of the said Frederick Cooke and his heirs amonst other things the land and herediatments herinafter more particularly described and hereby granted and conveyed or intended so to be.

And whereas the said Trustees being possessed of certain sums of money intended to be laid out in the purchase of a piece of ground and hereditaments and in erecting and building thereon a Chapel or place of religious worship with such appurtenances as may be thought convenient for the use of the people called Primitive Methodits to be settled to the uses upon the trusts and in manner hereinafter declared and contained have contracted and agreed with the said Frederick Cook for the absolute purchased of the piece of graqound hereinafter described and hereby granted and conveyed or intended so to be for the sum of twenty five pounds.

Now this indenture witnesses that in pursuance of the said agreement and inconsideration of the said sum of 25 pounds paid by the said Trustees to the said Frederick Cook out of moneis in their hands as aforesaid at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents (the receipt whereof he the said Frederick Cook dth hereby acknowledge and from the same sum and every part thereof doth hereby aquit release and discharge the said Trustees and every of them [he] the said Frederick Cooke with the approbation of the said james Flemish the superintendent for the time being as aforesaid testified by his being a party and executing these presents doth grant and convey unto the said trustees

All that piece or parcel of land situate in Great Soring aforesaid and containing by estimation eight rods or thereabouts bounded on the north and in part on the east by the Queen’s highway leading from Great Snoring to Fakenham aforeseaid in other part on the east and on the south by land belonging to the said Frederick Cooke and on the west by a private road or way leading to land now in the possession of the executors or the late Charles Bradfield deceased or howsowever otherwise the said land and premises are bounded abuttalled or ought to be deserted (all which said premises were comprised in and formed part of the tree acres and foutenen perches of land granted to Frederick Cooke by Willliam Southages [Southgate] by the before mentioned indenture of the eleventh day of October one thousand eight hndred and seventy three together with all outhouses gardens fences hedges sewers paths and appertinances whatsowever to the said piece or parcel of ground and hereditaments belonging in or anywise appertaining or with the same or any part thereofe respectively now or at any time heretofore held used occupied or enjoyed with their or any of their appertenances and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders yearly and other rents issues and profits thereof and all the estate righ title interest inheritance use trust profits claim and demand whatsoever both at law and iniquity of him the said Frederick Cooke of and in the same premises and in every part thereof

To hold the said piece or parcel of ground hereditaments and all and singular other the premises by these presents granted and released and with their and every of their appertinance in possession immediately from the making hereof and without any power of revocation reservation trust condition limitation clause or agreement whatsoever for the benefit of the said Frederick Cooke or of any person or persons claiming under him unto and to the use of the said trustees their heirs assessors and assigns forever But nevertheless upon such and the same trusts intents and purposes and with under and subject to and the same powers provisos declarations and agreements as are expressed contained and declared or referred to in and by a certain indenture of release bearing date the twenty fourth day of March one thousand eight hundred and sixty four and made or expressed so to be made between the reverend Richard Davies of the one part and Jabez Barlow, George Roby, John Wonfor, Robert William Simon, William Baker, George Woods, Robert Baker, George Hayler, Jesse Povey, William Lewes and Richard Povey of the other part and enrolled in Her Majejesty’s High Court of Chancery on the seond day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty four being a deed made for the settlement of a piece or parcel of ground and chapel or place of religious worship with the appertenances situate at Walworth in the county of Surrey for the use of the people called Primitive Methodists and to for and upon no other use trust intent or purpose whatsoever

And the said Frederick cooke doth hereby for himself his executors and administrators covenent with the said trustees and their heirs and assigns that he now hath full power to grant grant the said heriditaments in manner aforesaid free from encomances and the said trustees their heirs and assigns shall from henceforth have quiet use and possession of the said hereditaments without any interruption from the said Frederick cooke or anyone claiming under him

And also that the said Frederick cooke his heirs executors administrators and assigns will at all times hereafter unless prevented by fire or other inevitable accident upon every reasonable request and at the cost of the said trustees their heirs or assigns produce in any part of England unto them or their council attourney or agent or upon any trial arbitration or other reasonable occasion all and every or any of the deeds specified in the schedule hereunder written and at the like request and expence make and deliver or cause to be made and delivered true and attested or true unattested copies or abstracts of or extracts from the same deeds or any or either of them and will take due and proper care to preserve the same from being injured cancelled lost or destroyed accident alone excepted

In witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto their hands and seals the day and year first above written

March 15th and 16th


October 11th

The Schedule above referred to

Indentures of lease and release so dated the latter made between William Martin Dennis of the first part Adam Kerrision of the second part and Robert Cates of the third part
Indenture so dated made between Wiliam Southgate of the one part and Frederick Cooke of the other part

Signatures (and seals)
Frederick Cooke
Joseph Bushell
Samuel Bushell
Robert Archer
Robert White
Charles Yarham
William Marham
William Cooke
Thomas E Basham
Arthur John Watson
Richard Rix Sandell
James Flemish

Acknowledged by James Flemish party hereto at Fakenham in the county of Norfolk this eleventh day of June one thousand eight hundred and seventy four before me M B Bircham a commissioner to administer oaths in Chancery in England 

On the reverse

Received the day and year first written of and from the within named parties of the second part the sum of twenty five pounds being the consideration within expressed to be paid by them to me £25 Frederick Cooke
Winess William R Bird

Signed sealed and delivered
Frederick Cook
Joseph Bushell
Robert Archer
Robert White
William Marham
William Cooke
Thomas Edward Basham
Arthur John Watson
Richard Rix Sandle
Charles Yarham
In the presense of …
William R Bird Fakenham Norfolk
… Cooke
Great Snoring

Signed sealed and delivered by the within named James Flemish in the presence of
M B Bircham Fakenham
William R Bird Clerk to the above M B Bircham


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