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Little Snoring Sign

Here's a view of Little Snoring that typifies life in this small village over the years.

The Photograph below is of Norfolk Cottages in Little Snoring (viewed from the Church) on The Hill, once known as Cockspit Hill, named after the cockfighting pit which was once in the field opposite.

Three of these cottages were for farm workers, and were built in the 1700's. The one on the right was a later addition. When this photo was taken, the little middle cottage (with red door) was unoccupied and near derelict.

Little Snoring CottagesThe end cottage was once the home of the Wilkins family.

Little Snoring resident May Allen recalls what it was like to have lived in the cottages near the end of the Second World War. She remembers that there was no electricity nor piped water in those days, and water had to be drawn up by bucket from a well in the yard.

Fresh milk was obtained straight from the hand-milked cows of Mr. and Mrs. Ramm, who lived at the farm next door (the white building on the right, above.) There were also new-laid eggs to be had; and the occasional honeycomb from the bee hives in their front yard.


Several years after the end of the War, electricity became available, but only three lights and one plug were permitted. Ten pounds was paid for a pole to carry the wires across the road to the house.

What joy to the owner of an electric cooker! No more lighting up of fires for the wall oven in order to do the weekly baking!

The White House

Situated on the main road overlooking the church, the White House (also seen here) was once the home of my relatives the Tuddenhams of Little Snoring. The house later housed his descendents up to the second world war.

the white houseThe White House is now a Bed & Breakfast holiday let, along with its Barn seen in the forefront of the photo.

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