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Gt Snoring village sign

Great Snoring has many interesting, ancient and distinguished buildings. Here are one or two. A visit to the village is well worthwhile.

You can see a photo slideshow of Great Snoring HERE.

There is also HERE a video tour which takes you on a tour from Thursford Road towards The Street, then up The Street til you reach the corner where Fakenham Road and Little Snoring Road branch off out of the village. Here is Dildash Lane (my grandparent's first home is here). Dildash Lane takes you neatly back to the Tuns.

Farmhouse, Top Farm

Top Farm

A fine example of a Tudor farmhouse, Top Farm (located at the junction of Thursford Road with The Street) has been home to the Perowne family for over 150 yrs. The Perownes of Norwich were reputedly of Huguenot descent.

Top Farm EggsThe imposing farmhouse is set within large private gardens in Great Snoring. Top Farm is well known locally for its eggs: quail, chicken and duck.
See their shop here. See also here.

Up to and throughout the 19th Century almost the whole village worked on the land or provided basic services to the village. Exceptions were the Perowne family who started a brickmakers in a neighbouring village before 1850.

Julia Perowne interviewed by Debretts:

The White House

White House

The White House - Click to Enlarge

I have included this large house on The Street, Great Snoring because it was once divided into three, and had members of my extended family living there.

As you can see from the photo alongside, the house today has been merged into one, whereas it was once three separate dwellings.

I am told that (probably in the 1930's) they were occupied by Robert Kendle, the Collins family, and their son Andrew next door. (If anyone has more information I'd be grateful to hear it.)

Kendle's Yard (White House) Gt. Snoring More information on this offsite link.

My Southgate ancestor (My Great Aunt Polly Southgate) received a postcard which showed this White House in its original condition, and an unknown woman standing on the now non-existant doorsteps of the end cottage. One of the roadmen - with both hands on hips - is almost certainly my grandfather William Southgate, and the postcard was signed MS which would have been William's wife Maria. Indeed, perhaps Maria is the woman on the steps, but I have no explanation for the White House appearing in family photos. I hope to solve this mystery one day.

In any case, it is fascinating to see the house in its former condition.

Old Postcard of Grreat Snoring

    Here are some village photos, displayed in slideshow form: (click here)

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