Robert Warren, Rector at Little Snoring

While transcribing the Parish Records I came across many interesting and tragic stories. One was of the WARREN family of Little Snoring.

Robert Warren (Batchelor of Divinity) was Rector of Lt Snoring from 1591 to at least 1616. He was the son of Robert and Anne Warren, and was baptised at Little Snoring 20th Jan 1566. Robert and Anne had a number of other children, as can be seen below from the graphic of their family tree.

Anne Warren died and was buried at Lt Snoring 20th Oct 1605, after having given birth to at least eight children, including (in 1574) the triplets John, Gregorie and William.. The entry in the parish register of the triplets was especially grand and neat. Here is the image:

triplets in parish register

Sadly, two of the twins died almost immediately. The burial of John is recorded on the day after his baptism, 29th April 1574. In June Gregorie was buried. There is no mention of baby William in the burials, but neither is there any record of his later life, so we do not know what happened to William Warren.

There is a mention of a Thomas Warren, the Elder and his wife Margerie, and I have assumed Thomas was the brother of Robert the Elder. Margerie died in 1602. Anne, the wife of Robert died in 1605.

The marriages and baptisms of the family of Robert and Anne Warren were also recorded in the parish records. Multiple births seem to run in the family, as Cecilie the wife of Thomas gave birth to twins in 1609. However, both babies died and were buried in January 1609.

Roger married Elizabeth Saintley in February 1604.

Robert Warren the Rector himself married twice, firstly to Elizabeth (by whom he had Samuel and Sarah) and then as a widower to Marie Barker of Hindolvestone in December 1609. His first wife Elizabeth was buried at Lt Snoring 23rd May 1601. This is the exact same date as the baptism of their daughter Sarah, so she seems to have died in childbirth. Tragically, Robert lost his wife even before he lost his mother who died four years later.

Warren family treeRobert the Student

Robert Junior made an early start on his education, and entered Cambridge University at the age of 16. He was admitted to Caius College, Cambridge Oct. 27th 1581 after having been schooled at Fakenham, Norfolk

Studying from 1582-8 he achieved his Bachelor's degree 1584-5, Masters in 1588 and became Bachelor of Divinity 1596 at the age of 30.

Robert Warren was ordained into the priesthood at Norwich, Norfolk on June 5, 1589.

The Little Snoring parish register records the death and burial of the minister, William Cozen in April 1591. The Clerk records "Easter Even" was the day of his burial, ie the day before Easter that year (in the old Julian Calendar) Before the year 1583 the Julian calendar was the only one used, thereafter the Gregorian Calendar which altered all dates by ten days. However the Julian calendar dating system hung around for many years.

It was after the death of Wm Cozen in 1591 that Robert Warren became Rector of the church. On the next page we see the signature "Robert Warren, Rector" acknowledging his new position. When he achieved his Batchelor of Divinity honour in 1596 he also adds this to his name. He was justly proud of his education.


william cozen carpe diem

William Cozen, Clerk, was buried the third day of April (1591). "Easter Even".

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