The Nursing Records

These are the names and addresses contained in the two record books left by Mary Ann (Polly) Southgate who was a midwife and nurse from about 1900-1940.

The actual books can be seen here:

  • Polly's Account book showing her nursing record of many local mothers and children
  • Polly book of Testimonials with many local names and addresses

BELOW: Polly while living at Gateley Hall, Elmham, Norfolk delivering a baby to Mrs Bennett, 1909.

Polly (Mary Ann) Southgate Little Snoring Midwife

Mrs Bennett writes:

quotes   Mrs Bennett is very pleased to state that during the two months that Nurse Southgate has been with her, she found her very consciencious and pleasant in the performance of her duties, & good in her management & care of both mother and child.

Testimonials to Miss Mary Ann Southgate (Midwife)

Person Testifying Address Date
Mrs Bennett Gateley Hall, Elmham South Dec 15th 1909
Dr F. H. Sturdee Walsingham, Norfolk Jan 11th 1910
N. Smallpiece Hempton Vicarage, Fakenham July 1910
Ethel R. Chapman Norwich St., Fakenham March 11th 1910
Frances E. Wright The Pines, Fakenham May 19th 1910
Dr. Arthur R. Rackham Elmham South, Norfolk Jan 26th 1910
S. Scales Old Hall, Beetley, E. Dereham Sept 26th  1910 
Mrs J. Parker The Rookery, Twyford Feb 26th 1912
V. Newton-Webb Hill House, Swanton Morley April 11th 1912
Rosamund Hughes Tywford, Dereham, Norfolk May 11th 1912
Olive M. Barton The Old Guildhall, East Dereham Oct 25th 1912
Agnes E. Kerrison White House, North Elmham Jan 22nd 1913
Margaret M. Egan St. Marie’s, Fakenham Aug 20th 1913
Percy M. Folker Newton House, North Elmham May 30th 1914
Alice Mary Lingwood
(Westleford, East Mundham)
Great Snoring Rectory, Fakenham Sept 14th 1918
Mrs W. H. Blake Billingford Hall, North Elmham May 3rd 1919
F. Colman Lancaster Terrace, Queens Road, Fakenham, Norfolk March 2nd 1921
F. M. Flint 164 Dereham Road, Norwich July 29th 1922
Captain F. ?. Orton; 5th Norfolk Regiment The Old Guildhall, East Dereham Nov 8th 1922
Dr. V. J. Deugan Beech House, East Dereham Nov 14th 1922
Hilda M. Bushell Manor Farm, Houghton Dec 5th 1928
Dr. J. L. C. Doyle The Square, Fakenham Nov 20th 1931
Mrs F. Leeder Gt. Ryburgh, Nr. Fakenham Feb 16th 1933
N. Maybrick The Flat, Upper Market, Fakenham May 11th 1933
E. M. Seppings West Raynham, Fakenham Jan 27th 1934
G. P. Bidewell Cannister Hall, Toftrees Nov 22nd 1934

Summary Records from the Midwifery Account

Mother Gender Location Date Time Doctor Comments
Mrs Woodcock   Walsingham 24/02/1906 1 pm Sturdee  
Mrs Cooper Girl Melton Constable 15/04/06 2.15 am J. Skrimpshire  
Mrs Hunter Boy Gunthorpe 11/04/06 10 am Hales Assisted
Mrs Thompson Boy Walsingham 18/04/06   Sturdee  
Mrs Hunt Boy Thursford 18/05/06 10.45 pm Jepson  
Mrs Massingham Boy Gt. Snoring 29/06/06 3 pm Jepson  
Mrs Knights-Edgar Boy Edgar? 19/08/06 10.40 am Sturdee  
Mrs Rostron? Boy Egmere 01/09/06 8.45 pm Sturdee  
Mrs G. Thompson Girl Walsingham 02/11/06   Sturdee  
Mrs Mann Girl Lt. Snoring 02/01/07 6 am Fisher  
Mrs Heyhoe Girl Lt. Snoring 29/04/07 7 am Sturdee  
Mrs Lown Boy Lt. Snoring 21/01/07 4.50 am Sturdee Assisted
Mrs Shepherd Girl Walsingham 09/02/07 4 am Sturdee  
Mrs Bond Boy Walsingham 30/04/07 12 am Jepson Assisted
Mrs Foster   Gt. Ryburgh 26/07/07   Palin?  
Mrs Rawlings Girl Walsingham 18/11/07 12.45 am Jepson  
Mrs Beaver Girl Kimberly Rd. Leicester 22/01/08 4.45 Harrison  
Mrs Fisk   32 Beckenham Rd. Leicester 01/03/08   Harrison Nursing only
Mrs Reader Boy The Abbey, Walsingham 31/03/08 2.20 am Sturdee  
Mrs Brown Girl Foulsham 14/06/08 3.45 pm Herbert  
Mrs Burton Boy Salhouse, Norwich 04/08/08 9.10 am Aldred (Wroxham)  
Mrs Evans 2nd baby boy N. Elmham 25/09/08 4.28 am Herbert  
Mrs Coleman 7th baby girl Manor House, Kettlestone 01/12/08   Fisher  
Mrs Wall 5th baby girl Green Lane, Hindringham 28/12/08 8.35 pm Sturdee Assisted
Mrs Harrison 1st baby girl The Cottage, N. Elmham 23/01/09 3.55 pm Rackham  
Mrs Fox-Hoe 1st baby girl The Manor House 14/03/09 9.45 am Rackham  
Mrs Smallpiece 2nd baby boy Hempton Vicarage 28/06/09 12.5 pm Palin  
Maria (Southgate) (Gracie) 3rd baby   31/08/09 4 o/c Sturdee  
Mrs Bennett 2nd baby Girl Gately Hall 18/11/09 1.15 am Rackham
Mrs Fisher 2nd baby girl Fakenham 30/01/10   Fisher  
Mrs Chapman Boy
1st baby
Norwich St. Fakenham 12/02/10   Warner Assisted
Mrs J Wright 4th baby boy The Pines, Fakenham 22/04/10   Fisher  
Mrs Fox-Hoe 2nd baby girl   20/06/10 3.30 am Rackham  
Mrs Scales 2nd baby boy Beetley Old Hall 02/10/10 3.15 am Rackham  
Mrs King Girl Beetley 14/10/10      
Mrs Groom 7th baby Beetley 12/10/10   Howlett, Dereham Premature – dead several days
Mrs Parker 1st baby boy The Rookery, Twyford 19/12/11   Rackham  
Mrs Webb 4th baby girl Hill House, Swanton Morley 15/03/12 8.45 am Rackham  
Mrs Hughes 1st baby boy White House, Twyford 26/04/12 6.30 am Rackham Assisted
Mrs Barton 1st baby The Old Guildhall, Dereham 28/09/12   Howlett Still-born
Mrs Scales 3rd baby Beetley 17/11/12 1 pm Rackham  
Mrs Kerrison 3rd baby boy   05/01/13 8.30 am Rackham  
Mrs Parker 2nd baby The Vicarage, Guist 20/02/13 6.45 pm Rackham  
Mrs P. Hamond   Fornham All Saints. Bury-St. Edmunds 07/04/13 arrived
baby died 28/04/13 at 3.30 am   Nursing 7 week old baby girl with heart failure
Mrs Egan 1st baby girl St. Marie’s Fakenham 17/07/13 12.10 pm   Still-born
Mrs Cain   Cambridge Oct 1913     Nursing
Mrs Hughes 2nd baby girl Carlisle Terrace, Plymouth 23/02/14 11.30 pm    
Mrs Folker 1st baby boy Newton House, Elmham 25/05/14   Rackham  
  Girl   15/02/14 2 pm   Assisted
Mrs Ball Girl Billingford 07/08/19 5.40 pm Ms. Rakham
Jnr. Sr.
Mrs Coleman Boy At Mrs Moore’s, 3 Lancaster Terr. Fakenham 16/02/21 3 pm Fisher  
Mrs Orton (wife of Captain Orton) Girl The Old Guildhall, Dereham 25/10/22 8.40 pm Deugan?  
Mrs William Bushell Girl Houghton 09/11/28 5.10 am Sturdee  
Mrs Stanley Allen Boy   ~~/01/28 11.30 pm Palin  
Mrs Stanley Allen Girl   24/03/30   Palin  
Mrs J. Pinner Girl       Palin  
Mrs Barber Girl Kettlestone 08/04/30   Palin  
Miss Cissie Waters Girl   06/04/30   Norman Assisted
Mrs Pinner Boy Lt. Snoring 17/01/31 5.30 am Palin  
Mrs William Bushell Boy Houghton 14/08/31 4.45 am Sturdee  
Mrs Clark Boy Hempton 15/10/31 12.30 Doyle Assisted
Mrs Broady Boy Cranford, Fakenham 16/06/32   Norman  
Mrs Maybrick Boy The Flat, Fakenham 22/04/33 12.30 Arthur  
Mrs Seppings Boy S. W. Raynham 27/01/34 6.50 pm Doyle  
Mrs Bidewell Girl Cannister Hall, Toftrees 12/11/34 8.35 pm Norman  


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