People: Early References

This page contains some names gleaned from online databanks that refer to Little or Great snoring. They do little more than hint at a source for your family, to be followed up elsewhere.

Musgrave's Obituries Prior to 1800

ASTLEY, Bernard, Rev., 3d son of Sir Edw. A., Bt., of Little Snoring, Norfolk. 25 Nov 1788 , aet. 26. (G.M. 1127; E.M. 486.)
LANE, Ben. (Rev.), of Little Snoring, Norfolk. 01 Nov 1744. (L.M. 568; G.M. 619.)
SHELTON, Ralph (Sir), Knt., Snoring. 25 Apr 1424. (Weever's Mon. 825, 863.)
SHIPLEY, - (Rev.), of Snoring, Kent. 30 Oct 1773. (G.M. 581.) [I don't think there is a Snoring in "Kent" ]

Harleian Society Obituries

WEST, Rob. (Rev.), Theol. Doct., Gt. Snoring, Norfolk. 24 Jun 1610 , aet. 74. (Neve's Mon. 27.)

Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

1547 SMYTHE, Smythe, William, Litle Snoringe, Norfolk F. 33 Coode
1610 WEST, Robert, D.D., parson of Great Snoring, Norfolk 77 Wingfield
1611 JELLOE, Simon, Gt. Snoring, Norf. To Beatrice J., rel. , p. 17.
1620 FLEMING, Richard, tanner, Great Snoringe, co. Norfolk 40 Soame
1651 FLEMING, Flemminge, John, Greate Snoring, Norf., (by decree) 192
1654 TEELE, Robert, Snoringe, Norf. 1653-4 2 253
1655 IRSBY, Frances, wid., Snoringe, Norf. 1655 471
1655 WORTLY, Wortly [Wortley], (Wortler in Cal.), Thomas, yeo., Great Snoringe, Norf.
1656 CUSHING, Nathan, husb, Little Snoring, Norf. 1656 42
1657 GARDINER, Gardener, Bennet, husb, Little Snoring, Norf. 84
1659 NEWTON, Richard, Great Snoring, Norf. 89

Index to the Act Books of the Archbishops of Canterbury

SEAMAN, Christopher, 1671 : R. Snoring parva, Norf., dead; 3, 106. Father of Christopher; ibid.
SEAMAN, Christopher, M.A., 1671 : Dispens. to succeed father, Christopher S., decd., R. Snoring parva, Norf.; 3, 106.

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