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Updated on 25 July, 2012

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There are one or two Norfolk songs I remember from my youth and they give you a glimpse of Norfolk country life as well as the accent in East Anglia.

This track is called "I've Never Seen a Farmer on a Bike" by John Crisp. It's a reference to the amount of money farmers used to make at one time in farming counties like Norfolk. They always moaned they were hard done by, but - well, listen to the song. Sorry there's no video to go with this..

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"I've never seen a farmer on a bike"

Recorded by: John Crisp on Ampersand Music Farm 101

Old farmer Palmer was on the other day 'bout the price of his sugar-beet drill.
He reckoned he found the little green pound don't pay them big red bills,
And though he's got a private yacht, a race horse and three cars,
He always say the farm don't pay. That's how them farmers are.

CHORUS: I never seen a farmer on a bike.
I never seen a farmer on a bike.
Wherever I been, I never miss a thing,
But I never seen a farmer on a bike.

He do complain about the rain, the green fly or the drought.
He say black spot have ruined his crop but I can't make this out.
I seen him get on a jumbo jet. I seen him on a train,
But that'll be the day I see him bikin' down the lane. [CHORUS]

I worked for Palmer till I wore my fingers to the bone,
But when I speak of another pound a week, you ought to hear him moan.
And though his combine cost a bomb, I'm sure you will agree,
He could dispose of his Volvos and bike about like me.
But... [CHORUS]

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