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Updated on 28 July, 2012

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The Singing Postman songs are hard to find today. There are a few on this website, and you can buy more from the link below.

They're All Playing Dommies In The Bar!

Singing Postman with Loaf


This refers to the popular British pub game of Dominoes.


1. I like a pint of beer nearly every night,
I like a yarn if the company is right,
Goes in the pub, but they never say a sight,
Cause they’re all playing Dommies in the bar!

2. Round in the smoke room, television on,
Sometimes a quiz show, sometimes a song;
Then you get the newsreel, on about the bomb,
And they’re all-playing dommies in the bar!

3. All the best people, they go in the best room,
Talk about the business slumps and the boom
Somebody's going to lose their tea break soon
Cause they’re all playing Dommies in the bar

4. Now we don't know where we come from,
We don't know where we're going,
There isn't any rock in this whole world,
There isn't any port of storm!

5. Rare lot of mothers have to stay at home,
Doing all the washing up, knitting all alone
But they’re all getting ready with a nice big moan
While they all play Dommies in the bar

6. I goes to the landlord, hope to get an ear,
Couldn't find the landlord, he was never there;
Gone down the road, to get a pint of beer,
And they’re all playing dommies in the bar.

7. There's a couple in the corner, I think they'd like to fall -
Going to introduce themselves, Take a little walk
The first thing they say: ‘Have you got a bit of chalk?’
And they’re all playing dommies in the bar.

8. There's a nice little barmaid, looking at me,
Nice little barmaid, pretty she be;
Just pulled her stockings up, but they don't see,
Because they’re all playing dommies in the bar!
“Can you go? No! Ohh! Dominoe!”

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