Town Directories

directoryDirectories provide first hand data about local communities, their infrastructure and the individuals inhabiting those communities.

Published more frequently than the census, directories can also help you fill in any missing gaps.

They contain descriptions of places, local facilities, local facilities, institutions and associations, resident, trades and professions, and important people.

From the 17th century, directories met the growing demand for accurate information about trade and industry. Data was collected either by personal canvassing combined with existing listings or people were asked to supply details.

By the early nineteenth century methods of compilation had become more organised. In part, this reflected the growing links between directories and the Post Office. Many postal officials, such as Frederick Kelly, turned their hand to directory publishing as a means of both aiding their work and making some extra money. Information was collected by letter carriers, who circulated forms during their postal rounds, and also delivered the finished directory on commission..

In the 20th century over 250 were published each year, the peak year being 1936, with around 320 directories appearing. But a decline came after World War II as many publishers went out of business. With the advent of the telephone large-scale directory production and usage ended.

Norfolk and Norwich Directory 1863/1864

SNORING (GREAT) is a village and parish, in North Greenhoe hundred and Walsingham union, distant three and a half miles N. by E. of Fakenham station.

The living is a rectory consolidated with that of Thursford; joint annual value £584, with residence. The Rev. George Henry Marsh, B.D., is the rector; and the Rev. William Gale, the curate.

The church (Virgin Mary) is an ancient edifice with square tower containing one bell. It contains several neat monuments and a handsome mural tablet to the memory of the late Rev. Christopher Stannard, B.D., who was many years rector of this parish. The acreage js 2,000, principally the property of John Dugmore, Esq., J.P., of Swaffham, and the Rev. H. D. Lee Warner, of Walsingham Abbey. J. Dugmore, Esq., is lord of the manor.

The Walsingham Union Workhouse stands in this parish. It comprises fifty parishes and has accommodation for about 300 inmates.

The population, in 1861, was 594.

POSTAL REGULATIONS.—Letters are received through Fakenham per foot post; arrive at 10 a.m., dispatched 2·45 p.m. Post town, Fakenham.

Gale, Rev. Wm. Burch, M.A.,
Marsh, Rev. George Henry, B.D.,
Leeder, Miss B.
Stannard, Mrs. Maria
The Cottage
Thornel, Mr. John


Bushell, Jonas
machine maker
Cook, David
Cook, George
machine maker
Docking, Mrs. Mary Ann
Grange, Charles,
Gray, Mr.
master of the Union Workhouse
Hill, William
Jackson, Christopher
Lack, Robert
Lack, Thomas
Unicorn Inn, and shoe maker
Lyne, James
Mallett, Chriatopher
school master and postmaster
Olley, George
pork butcher
Plane, Mrs.
Savage, Henry
Southgate, Charles, jun.
Southgate, Robert
Three Tuns
Southgate, William
miller, grocer, and draper


Archer, Robert, (and horsedealer)
Bray, Charles William
Bradfield, Charles
Chamberlain, Thomas
Francis, John
Hall, James
Perowne, Benjamin
Southgate, Charles, sen.
Southgate, Samson
Southgate, William (and horsebreaker)

SNORING (LITTLE) is a village and parish in Gallow hundred and Walsingham union, distant three miles E.N.E. of Fakenham station, The living is a rectory consolidated with the vicarage of East Barsham, Joint annual value £645. The Hon. and Rev. Delaval Loftus Astlet, M.A,, is rector.

The church, dedicated to St. Andrew, is a fine Saxon structure, with a round tower. The area of the parish is about 1,520 acres, principally the property of Lord Hastings, who also is lord of the manor and patron of the living.

The population, in 1861, was 311.

POSTAL REGULATIONS.—Letters through Fakenham which is its post town.

Tuck, Mr. William
Banyard, Miss
Banyard. William
Banyard, John
Barnes, Henry
Barnes, Henry
Barnes, John
Gent, William
Howell, Mrs. Maria
The Bell
Loads, William
Nickalls, Charles
blacksmith and wheelwright
Shaw, Robert
The Green Man
Tuddenham, John


Hill, Charles, (and shoemaker)
Jackson, John, Manor house
Parker, Thomas
Powell, Nicholas
Sherringham, Robert, (and miller)
Stimpson, William,
Tuck, John, (and horsebreaker)

White's Directory of 1864 (Little Snoring)

This was very similar as to description and merely listed the chief inhabitants:

Maria Howell, victualler at The Bell Public House
Frederic Shaw, victualler at The Green Man Public House
Chas. Nickalls, wheelwright

Thos. Parker
Nicholas Powell,
Robt. Sheringham (and miller),
Wm. Stimpson
John Tuck

John Barnes
Wm. Baynard (also shopkeeper)
Chas. Hill
John and Thos. Parker
W. Tuddenham (also grocer and baker)

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