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Strays are those people who, although born in Great or Little Snoring, are found living outside Norfolk in the census.

Here you may search for your family members who lived outside their home village in all the census records from 1851-1911. [The 1841 census did not list birthplace.]

Some names seems to be transcribed incorrectly on the census. Please double-check. It cannot be guaranteed that ALL people living outside of the village have been included. For one reason, some people have not admitted on the census that they were born in Snoring. Also, the name is often wrongly transcribed as "Snaring" or "Laring" or other variations.

Census "Strays" in 1871

Born in Little or Great Snoring

Surname First Name Relationship to Head Other Occupants Year Residence  
ACASK [ACASTER?] Dinah Wife Robert 1823 Goole Yorkshire
BUSHELL Elizabeth Servant   1845 Islington St Luke London
BUSSY William Head Elizabeth 1834 Spotland Lancashire
EMMS Harriet Head   1831 St Pancras London
HAGON Mary Ann Mate’s Wife   1838 Vessels Lincolnshire
MORRELL Frances   Samuel      
PARSONS John Head Susannah 1830 Islington London
SMITH Elizh Ann Head   1819 Hackney St John London
TYNE Martha A Wife Edward W 1847 Chelsea St Luke London
WOODHAMS Robert Head Fineter 1805 Ballingdon Suffolk

Born in Great Snoring

ADAMS Alfred J Nephew   1868 Hedworth
Monkton and Yarrow
APPLEGATE Robert Head Harriet 1833 St Andrew Lincolnshire
ARCHER Eliza R Wifes Sister   1822 Mile End Old Town London
BAILEY Sarah Lodger   1817 St Margaret Kent
BARRETT Benjamin Father-in-law Jane 1803 Bromley St Leonard London
BARRETT Benjamin Father-in-law Jane 1803 Bromley St Leonard London
BRAY Charles Son William, Susan 1857 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
BRAY Susan Wife William 1832 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
BRAY William Head Susan 1831 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
BRAY Wm John Son William, Susan 1855 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
BRAY Fred Robt T Son William, Susan 1870 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
BRENNETT Sarah Wife Harry 1842 St George Hanover Square London
BREY Betsey Wife Crispin Todd 1836 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
BREY Crispin Todd Head Betsey 1837 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
BRONG William C Head Emily J 1843 Tooting Graveney Surrey
BROWN Elizabeth Mar   1838 Dunton Norfolk
BULLOCK John Head Mary 1797 St Mary Whitechapel London
BULLOCK Mary Wife John 1797 Whitechapel London
CATTON Mary Wife James 1833 Troston Suffolk
CHATTEN James Son James, Sophia 1851 Newchurch Lancashire
CHATTEN James Head Sophia 1822 Newchurch Lancashire
CHATTEN Robert Son James, Sophia 1856 Newchurch Lancashire
CHATTEN Susannah Daughter James, Sophia 1867 Newchurch Lancashire
CHATTEN Mary Ann Daughter James, Sophia 1862 Newchurch Lancashire
CLARKE Francis Head Elizabeth 1835 Loughborough Leicestershire
CLARKE Francis Head Elizabeth 1835 Loughborough Leicestershire
CLARKE Henry Head Elizabeth 1843 Upwell Cambridgeshire
CLARKE John Head Rachel, Martha 1840 Ely Holy Trinity Cambridgeshire
COMER John Head Elizabeth 1832 Folkestone Kent
COOK James Head Pamela 1842 Lockwood Yorkshire
COULSAY John Head Mary 1821 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
COULSAY Mary Ann Daughter John, Mary 1857 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
COULSEY James Head Mary Ann, Ammery 1826 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
COX Maria Wife William 1811 Camberwell St Giles Surrey
CRANMER Mary Ann Wife William 1844 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
DACKING James Lodger   1848 Islington St Andrew London
DAWSON Laura Daughter William, Elizabeth 1863 St George The Martyr London
DAWSON William Head Elizabeth 1830 St George The Martyr Southwark London
DORKING Hariette Wife Charles 1846 St Luke London
DYE George Lodger   1845 Marske By The Sea Yorkshire
EVERINGTON William Head Mary Ann 1816 West Ham Essex
HALL James Officer   1849 Crondall Hampshire
HALL Martha Wife James 1840 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
HALL William Son James, Martha 1863 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
JACKSON Dennis Head Martha 1845 Newchurch Lancashire
JACKSON James Head Amelia 1846 Rotherham Yorkshire
JACKSON William Father   1794 Blackmore Essex
JACKSON Jane E Servant   1849 St James Clerkenwell London
LACK Ann Head   1823 Camberwell St Giles Surrey
LACK Susan Wife Charles S 1839 Spotland Lancashire
LACK Charles H Son Charles S, Susan 1859 Spotland Lancashire
LANGLEY Jane Wife Joseph 1810 March Cambridgeshire
LEE Matthew Boarder   1823 Plumstead Kent
LEEDER Martha Wife Thomas 1813 Minster Kent
LOWE Sophia Wife Edward 1834 Paddington London
MACK Frances H Daughter Martin, Frances 1858 Chertsey Surrey
MACK Alfred M Son Martin, Frances 1861 Chertsey Surrey
MARSDEN Pheobe     1815   Yorkshire
MAUDE Anna Wife John W L 1819 St Pancras London
MAYES Eliza Sister   1823 St Margaret Norfolk
MONEY Daniel Head Mary Ann 1827 Seaton Delavel Northumberland
MONEY James Son Daniel, Mary Ann 1863 Seaton Delavel Northumberland
MONEY William Son Daniel, Mary Ann 1855 Seaton Delavel Northumberland
MONEY Mary Ann Wife Daniel 1828 Seaton Delavel Northumberland
MONEY Mary Ann Daughter Daniel Mary Ann 1856 Seaton Delavel Northumberland
MONEY Mary Ann Wife Daniel 1828 Seaton Delavel Northumberland
MONEY Charlotte E Daughter Daniel, Mary Ann 1861 Seaton Delavel Northumberland
MOOR James Lodger   1837 Wilton Yorkshire
NEWTON Ann Servant   1853 Wandsworth All Saints London
NICKERSON Eliza Wife George 1846 Barningham Suffolk
NICKERSON Eliza Wife George 1833 Barningham Suffolk
PARKER Elizabeth Wife George 1828 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
PARKER Elizabeth Daughter George, Elizabeth 1852 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
PARKER William Son George, Elizabeth 1851 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
PARKER William Son George, Elizabeth 1851 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
PARKER Emily Elizabeth Daughter George, Elizabeth 1852 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
PRESTON John Visitor   1805 Middlesborough Durham
RADCLIFFE Sarah Ann Wife Squire 1849 Great Bolton Lancashire
RING Susannah Wife John 1835 West Ham Essex
RINGWOOD John Head Susannah 1837 West Ham Essex
ROBBINS Ann Wife John 1844 Lambeth London
RUSSELL Racheal Wife Edward 1821 Paddington London
SAVAGE James Head Maria 1847 Brentwood Essex
SHARPEN Rhoda Head   1797 Lowestoft Suffolk
SHORTEN Mary Wife John 1842 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
SHORTEN Mary O Daughter John, Mary 1867 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
SIMERSON? Charles Head Ann M 1848 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
SIMERSON? Ann M Wife Charles 1848 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
SIMERSON? Henry Wm Son Charles, Ann M 1868 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
SOUTHGATE Adam Lodger   1847 St Andrew The Less Cambridgeshire
SOUTHGATE Alfred Brother   1852 Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk
SOUTHGATE Anna Sister   1863 Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk
SOUTHGATE Charles Sister   1821 St Andrew The Less Cambridgeshire
SOUTHGATE Matilda Sister   1855 Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk
SOUTHGATE William Head Selena 1835 Doncaster Yorkshire
SOUTHGATE William Head Sarah Ann 1845 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
SOUTHGATE William E Head   1850 Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk
STANFORD Susana Visitor   1851 Rotherham Yorkshire
STANHAM Edward M Son George, Elizabeth 1861 Tooting Graveney Surrey
STANHAM Florence R Daughter George, Elizabeth 1860 Tooting Graveney Surrey
THOMPSON Charlotte Wife Sister(Sister-in-law) 1846 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
THOMPSON Elizabeth Wife Joseph 1842 Spotland Lancashire
THOMPSON John Head Charlotta, Emma 1837 Wilton Yorkshire
THOMPSON Maria Servant   1843 Gorleston & South Town Suffolk
THOMPSON Maria Servant   1843 Gorleston & South Town Suffolk
THOMPSON Phebe Wife Henry 1824 Streatham Surrey
THOMPSON Robert Lodger   1841 Wilton Yorkshire
THOMPSON Robert Lodger   1841 Wilton Yorkshire
THOMPSON William Head Eleanor 1829 North Seaton Northumberland
TREARY James Head Rebecca 1848 Newchurch Lancashire
WARING Harriett Wife Henry B 1848 Chorley Lancashire
WEAVERS Alice E Servant   1829 Uppingham Rutland
WILES Harriet Wife Philip 1836 Wortley Yorkshire
WILLIAMSON David Head Mary 1819 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
WILLIAMSON Eliza Daughter David, Mary 1861 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
WILLIAMSON Emma Daughter David, Mary 1863 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
WILLIAMSON Mary Wife David 1832 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
WILLMERSONE Georgina Sister-in-law   1851 Lockwood Yorkshire
WORTH Esther Wife Samuel 1822 Carshalton Surrey
YOUNGE Mary E Visitor   1827 Kensington London

Born in Little Snoring

ALLEN Elizabeth Wife Joshua 1833 Holy Trinity Yorkshire
BACON Charles     1842 Wrentham Suffolk
BELLS [PELLS?] James Head Mary A 1846 Wilton Yorkshire
BELLS [PELLS?] Mary A Wife James 1847 Wilton Yorkshire
BERWICK Emily Daughter James, Elizabh 1850 St George in The East London
BERWICK Polly Daughter James, Elizabh 1851 St George in The East London
BUCKLAND Elizabeth Son's Wife George 1833 Burnham Buckinghamshire
BUGDALE Henry Lodger   1840 Eston Yorkshire
BUGDALE William Lodger   1846 Spotland Lancashire
BUGDELL Henry Head Susan 1815 Felstead Essex
BUSHELL Jonas Head Elizabeth 1839 St Pancras London
CUBBON Sarah A Wife Thomas C 1841 Sutton Surrey
CURTIS Anne     1822 Holywell London
GILES Sarah A Wife Albert D 1833 St Leonard Shoreditch London
GOWERS John Boarder   1851 Wilton Yorkshire
HARMER Sarah Wife William 1801 Lambeth London
HARPER Elizabeth Head   1808 Oldbury Staffordshire
HILL John Boarder   1852 Wisbech St Peter Cambridgeshire
INGLES Mary Wife David 1839 Hornsey Middlesex
MATSELL Polly Daughter Berry, Susan 1861 Eston Yorkshire
MATSELL Susan Wife Berry 1839 Eston Yorkshire
MAYS David Head Caroline 1793 Merton Surrey
NOBES George Son John, Maria 1861 Stranton Durham
NOBES James Son John, Maria 1853 Stranton Durham
NOBES John Head Maria 1824 Stranton Durham
NOBES Maria Wife John 1825 Stranton Durham
PARKER Abigail Wife William 1841 Upleatham Yorkshire
PARKER Fanny Daughter William, Abigail 1860 Upleatham Yorkshire
PARKER Walter Son William, Abigail 1863 Upleatham Yorkshire
PARKER William Head Abigail 1836 Upleatham Yorkshire
PARSON Amos Father   1794 Wisbech St Peter Cambridgeshire
RILAT (?) Mary A Head Amos 1835 Wisbech St Peter Cambridgeshire
ROGERS Elizabeth Mother   1792 Shoreditch London
SHEPHEARD Samuel Assistant   1844 St Andrew Holborn London
SMITH Susan Wife John 1831 Normanby Yorkshire
SOUTHGATE Sarah Ann Wife William 1846 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
SUCK [TUCK?] Charles Servant   1848 Lambeth London
TUCK Isaac Head Amy 1825 Plumstead Kent
TUCK Mary Ann Wife’s Sister   1851 Rawmarsh Yorkshire
TUDDENHAM William Apprentice   1855 Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk
WILLIAMSON Susanna Daughter John, Ann 1854 Eston Yorkshire

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