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Updated on 29 July, 2012

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Strays are those people who, although born in Great or Little Snoring, are found living outside Norfolk in the census.

Here you may search for your family members who lived outside their home village in all the census records from 1851-1911. [The 1841 census did not list birthplace.]

Some names seems to be transcribed incorrectly on the census. Please double-check. It cannot be guaranteed that ALL people living outside of the village have been included. For one reason, some people have not admitted on the census that they were born in Snoring. Also, the name is often wrongly transcribed as "Snaring" or "Laring" or other variations.

Census "Strays" in 1851

Born in Little Snoring

BUNN Ann 1765 86 F Islington Middlesex
CHAPMAN Ann 1779 72 F Wisbech Cambridgeshire
CUTLER Mary Ann 1801 50 F Gainsborough Lincolnshire
EVERITT Sarah 1827 24 F Saint Georges Hanover Square Middlesex
LEACH William 1791 60 M Wisbech Cambridgeshire
POINTER Charlotte 1794 57 F Wisbech Cambridgeshire
SCHOOLING Samuel 1786 65 M Saint George Hanover Square Middlesex
TAYLOR Anne Hill 1795 56 F Nottingham Notts -  Institution
TUCK Isaac 1823 28 M Ely Cambridgeshire

Born in Great Snoring

BAITY Sarah 1816 35 F Marylebone Middlesex
CATTERMOLE Ann 1797 54 F Hoxne Suffolk
COMER John 1834 17 M Bourn Lincolnshire
COX Maria 1813 38 F Newington Surrey
DAWSON William 1831 20 M Shoreditch Middlesex
ETHELL Mary A 1807 44 F Medway Kent
EVERINGTON William 1815 36M   Greenwich Kent
FROST John 1796 55 M Windsor Berkshire
GREGORY Alice 1834 17 F Stockport Cheshire
HEFFER John 1800 51 M Stepney Middlesex
JACKSON Catherine 1805 46 F Boston Lincolnshire
LEEDER Martha 1814 37 F Greenwich Kent
MALLOWS Philips 1783 68 F Loddon Norfolk
MAYEE Mary 1826 25 F Lewisham Kent
MAYES Eliza 1823 28 F Hackney Middlesex
MAYES Harriet 1829 22 F Saint Pancras Middlesex
MAYS William 1791 60 M Shoreditch Middlesex
NEWTON Robert 1830 21 M Holbeach Lincolnshire
OLLEY Charles 1805 46 M Whittlesey Cambridgeshire
PANNAL Fanny 1825 26 F Clerkenwell Middlesex
PLANE John 1826 25 M Wisbech Cambridgeshire
PLANE Rebecca 1836 15 F Braintree Essex
POLDING Maria 1804 47 F Hendon Middlesex
SOUTHGATE Eliza 1832 19 F Saint Pancras Middlesex
STEVENS William Chas 1784 67Mth   Kensington Middlesex
TAPPENDER Mary Ann 1828 23 F Camberwell Surrey
TARLING Thomas 1811 40 M Meriden Warwickshire
THOMPSON Phoebe 1824 27 F Marylebone Middlesex
WELSBY Anne 1834 17 F Warrington Lancashire
WELSBY Maria 1842 9 F Warrington Lancashire
WELSBY Martha 1844 7 F Warrington Lancashire
WELSBY Mary 1814 37 F Warrington Lancashire
WOOLEY Susanah 1768 83 F Shoreditch Middlesex

Born in 'Snoring' (Lt or Gt)

BACK Ann 1804 47 F Lambeth Surrey
BROOK Emma 1781 70 F Lambeth Surrey
HAGELL Mary 1811 40 F Hackney Middlesex
HAWER Mary Ann 1812 39 F Haslingden Lancashire
NEWTON Eliza 1836 15 F Thingoe Suffolk
NEWTON James 1798 53 M Thingoe Suffolk
NEWTON Margaret 1802 49 F Thingoe Suffolk
NEWTON Mary 1832 19 F Thingoe Suffolk
PARSONS Amos 1798 53 M Wisbech Cambridgeshire
PARSONS Amos 1828 23 M Chelsea Middlesex
PARSONS John 1834 17 M Wisbech Cambridgeshire
PARSONS Mary Ann 1828 23 F Wisbech Cambridgeshire
PARSONS William 1832 19 M Wisbech Cambridgeshire
SHARPEN Rhoda 1801 50 F Bromley Kent Institution
SHERRINGHAM Richard 1811 40 M Chesterton Cambridgeshire


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