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Updated on 25 July, 2012

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A census records who lived where on a given date. There have been censuses every 10 years since 1801 (with the exception of 1941 which was missed owing to the war).

1841 was the first census to record limited information on individuals – from 1851 more detail was added. The Great and Little Snoring Registrations are below:

  • 1841 GS HO/107/ 772 LS HO/107/771
  • 1851 GS HO/107/1826 LS HO/107/1826
  • 1861 GS RG9-1246 LS RG9-1245
  • 1871 GS RG10-1852 LS RG10-1850
  • 1881 GS RG11/1985/ Piece 4 LS RG 11/1983/ Piece 100
  • 1891 GS RG12-1559 LS RG12-1558
  • 1901 GS RG13/1877/234 LS RG13/1876/234
  • 1911 GS RG14 Piece:11564 LS RG14 Piece:11551

Little Snoring 1871

Names in bold are Head of Household; all from Lt Snoring unless otherwise stated.

Head Firstname Surname Relationship Age Occupation Notes &
Place of Birth

Norwich Road; Green Farm

Nicholas Powell Head 53 Farmer 260 acres (widower)
  Fanny A Powell Daughter 16
  Frederick N Powell Son 10
  Amelia D Powell Niece 34 Housekeeper Tatterford
  Jenny F Kingberry Visitor 37 Norwich
  Sarah Moore Servant 40 Cook Fakenham
  Caroline A Jesse Servant 14 Servant Great Ryburgh
Charles Nickalls Head 40 Blacksmith and grocer
  Maria Nickalls Wife 36 Shopkeeper Hindringham
  Susanna Nickalls Daughter 16 Shopgirl
  Alfred Nickalls Son 14
  Clara Nickalls Daughter 11
  Fanny Nickalls Daughter 8
  Ada Nickalls Daughter 6
  Lydia Nickalls Daughter 4
  Keziah Nickalls Daughter 1
  Margaret Bell Mother 69 (widow) Barney
John English Head 38 Agricultural labourer
  Jane English Wife 34 Kettlestone
  Elisha English Son 12 Agricultural labourer Kettlestone
  Alfred English Son 9 Ryburgh
  Laura English Daughter 6
  Walter English Son 5
  Edward English Son 4
  James English Son 1

Norwich Road

William Harvey Head 52 Agricultural labourer
  Mary Ann Harvey Wife 49 Wells
  Elizabeth Harvey Mother 86 (widow) Hanworth
John Tuddenham Head 50 Grocer and Baker
  Eliza Tuddenham Wife 40 Great Snoring
  Anna Tuddenham Daughter 14 Shopgirl
  Rose Tuddenham Daughter 8
  Charles Tuddenham Son 6
  Albert Tuddenham Son 3
  Matilda Tuddenham Daughter 7 Mth
George Parker Head 47 Agricultural labourer
  George W Parker Son 20 Agricultural labourer (widower) Great Ryburgh
  Esther A Parker Dau 15
  Easter O Parker Mother 77 Formerly nurse Hindolveston (Widow; Blind for 11 years)
  Anne Parker Sister 37 Kettlestone

The Bell Inn

Maria Howell Head 50 Inn keeper (widow) Brisley
  Maria Howell Daughter 15
  William Tuck Lodger 36 Horse trainer

Fakenham Road

John Gowers Head 48 Farm bailiff
  Mary Ann Gowers Wife 47
  Samuel Gowers Son 15 Groom
  Marshall Gowers Son 13 Agricultural labourer
  Alfred Gowers Son 10
  Robert Lack Lodger 20 Agricultural labourer South Creake
Marshall Gowers Head 50 Agricultural labourer
  Elizabeth Gowers Wife 51 Briningham
Charles Hill Head 60 Shoemaker Great Snoring
  Charlotte Hill Wife 59 Middleton
  Isabella Hill Daughter 16
  Thomas Hill Son 34 Blacksmith unmarried
  Alfred Hill Son 14
Mark Gent Head 33 Agricultural labourer
  Martha Gent Wife 28
  Emily Gent Daughter 10
  Polly Gent Daughter 8
  Alice Gent Daughter 6
  Waller Gent Son 4
  Ames Gent Daughter 2
  Albert Gent Son 4 Mth

The Green Man

Frederick Shaw Head 47 Publican Haddicoe
  Sarah Shaw Wife 37 Middle Marsh
  Esther E Shaw Daughter 8 Holt
  Mary J Shaw Daughter 6
  Lucy A Shaw Daughter 4
  Alice G Shaw Daughter 9 Mth
  George Bunton Lodger 51 Timber Carter (unmarried) Warham
  David Mayes Lodger 57 Timber Carter (unmarried) Brinton

Fakenham Road

Thomas Parker Head 48 Shoemaker
  Mary Parker Wife 42 Kettlestone
  Arthur Parker Son 8
  William Cunningham Lodger 43 Shoemaker Eaton
John Nobes Head 44 Agricultural labourer
  Mary Nobes Wife 42 Kettlestone
  Benjamin Nobes Brother 39 Agricultural labourer
  John Nobes Nephew 10
  Susanna Nobes Mother 71 (widow)
Luke Skipper Head 51 Agricultural labourer Sculthorpe
  Phebe Skipper Wife 59
  Robert Tuck Son 15 Agricultural labourer
Susanna Pells Head 56 (widow) Edgefield
  Charles Pells Son-in-law 31 Agricultural labourer
  Martha Ann Nobes Wife 28 Hampstead
  Sarah Ann Nobes Daughter 8
  Susanna Nobes Daughter 5
  Ernest C Nobes Son 6 Mth
  Susanna Allen G-daughter 11 Kettlestone
  Abraham Allen G-son 6
William Bugdale Head 49 Agricultural labourer
  Ellen Bugdale Wife 37 Morston
  Arthur Bugdale Son 6
William Nobes Head 41 Agricultural labourer
  Ann Nobes Wife 31
  William Nobes Son 14 Agricultural labourer
  Ann Nobes Daughter 9
  Charles Nobes Son 7
  Alfred Nobes Son 3
John Brunton Head 22 Bricklayer Thursford
  Leah Brunton Wife 21 Itteringham
  Arthur J Brunton Son 1
William Gent Head 72 Carpenter Catton
  Mary Gent Wife 71
John Parker Head 75 Shoemaker
  Elizabeth Parker Wife 66 East Dereham
  Mary Jane Bugdale Visitor 5 Great Snoring
Joseph Cooper Head 57 Agricultural labourer Hempton
  Mary Ann Cooper Wife 55 Stibbard
  Ann Cooper Daughter 28
  Eliza Cooper Daughter 24
  Polly Cooper Daughter 14 Dressmaker
  Charlotte Cooper Daughter 12
  Arthur Cooper Son 10
  Albert H Cooper G-son 5 Little Ryburgh
  Ada M Cooper G-daughter 3
  William E Cooper G-son 3 Norwich
  Percy Cooper G-son 8 Mth
Alexander Paul Head 41 Agricultural labourer Foulsham
  Margaret Paul Wife 41 Little Ryburgh
  Henrietta Paul Daughter 21
  Thomas Paul Son 19 Agricultural labourer
  Anna E Paul Daughter 14
  James Paul Son 12 Agricultural labourer
  Mary J Paul Daughter 10
  William Paul Son 7
  Alice Paul Daughter 6
Frances Gowers Head 77 Pauper Ryburgh
  Phebe Nobes G-daughter 11
John Olley Head 40 Dealer Kettlestone
  George Olley Lodger 30 Kettlestone
  Elizabeth Olley Wife 27 Weasenham
Susan Bushell Head 48 Land worker
  Susan Bushell Daughter 26
  Thomas Bushell Son 4
  Robert Bushell Son 2
  Andrew W Bushell G-son 2
  Thomas Moore Boarder 46 Agricultural labourer Great Snoring
Constance Tuck Head 51 land worker
Robert Sheringham Head 58 Farmer 42 acres
  Eliza Sheringham Wife 46 Swaffham
  Mary Ann Sheringham Daughter 19
  Edward Sheringham Son 16 Agricultural labourer
  Sarah Southgate Mother-in-law 68 Formerly innkeeper Caston
Dennis Goodman Head 34 Bricklayer Colkirk
  Susanna Goodman Wife 33 Barsham
  Dennis G Leach Son 12 Colkirk
Charles Mann Head 29 Agricultural labourer Houghton
  Ellen Mann Wife 28
  Alice S Mann Daughter 2
  William Mann Son 5 Mth
Thomas Nobes Head 37 Agricultural labourer
  Harriett Nobes Wife 34
  Thomas Nobes Son 12
  Esther Nobes Daughter 7
  Rose Nobes Daughter 5
  Edith Nobes Daughter 3
  Ames Nobes Daughter 8 Mth
Thomas Nobes Head 54 Agricultural labourer
  Ellen Nobes Daughter 20
  William Nobes Son 18
  Ann Sheringham Mother 62

Fakenham Road

William Stimpson Head 49 Farmer 208 acres Letheringsett
  Emma Mary Stimpson Wife 46 Thornage
  Elizabeth Bugdale Servant 22 Domestic servant
Mary Bushell Head 71 Pauper Sculthorpe
  Mary Ann Bushell Granddaughter 15
  Alfred Lowe Lodger 24 Groom Thursford
Henry Barnes Head 72 Carpenter Holkham
  Mary Barnes Wife 68
  Phebe Barnes Daughter 27 Dressmaker

School House

Samuel Gent Head 29 Carpenter
  Sarah Ann Gent Wife 30 Schoolmistress Pulham St Marys
Fanny Tuck Head 60 Pauper Warham
  Mary Tuck Daughter 28
  James Tuck Son 22 Agricultural labourer
  William Nobes Lodger 22 Agricultural labourer
William English Head 65 Agricultural labourer Lakenham
  Sarah English Wife 48 Walsingham
Phoebe Paul Head 75 Pauper Wells
  Ann Paul Daughter-in-law 39 Fakenham
William March Head 59 Agricultural labourer
  Phoebe March Granddaughter 11
  James March Grandson 9

Manor House

Isaac Newton Head 64 Farm Steward to Mr Jackson of Fulmodestone 500 acres
  Maria Newton Wife 54
  Jane Newton G-daughter 13 Great Snoring
John Barnes Head 59 Gardener
  Alfred Nobes Visitor 10
Miles Clark Head 50 Agricultural labourer
  Jane Clark Wife 55 Wells
  John Clark Brother 48 Agricultural labourer
Richard Nobes Head 56 Agricultural labourer Walsingham
  Elizabeth Nobes Wife 55 Great Snoring
Thomas Bugdale Head 55 Agricultural labourer
  Sarah Bugdale Wife 51 Fulmodestone
  Mary Ann Bugdale Daughter 24 Fulmodestone
  Walter Bugdale Son 4
  James Bugdale Son 16 Agricultural labourer
John Banyard Head 59 Shoemaker
  Anne Banyard Wife 60
  Annie Banyard Daughter 22 Dressmaker
Richard   Bushell Head 60 Agricultural labourer
Thomas Olley Head 34 Farmer 9 and a half acres Sharington

Fakenham Road

John Gilder Head 47 Farmer and Carter Barsham
  Mary Eliz Gilder Wife 35 Brancaster
  Wiliam Gilder Son 14 Walsingham
  Martha Gilder Daughter 5 Fakenham
  John Gilder Son 2
James Rolfe Head 45 Basket maker Horningtoft
  Elizabeth Rolfe Wife 49 Dressmaker Barsham
Robert West Head 40 Shepherd Stody
  Sarah West Wife 38 Brougham
  Joseph West Son 15 Agricultural labourer Stody
  Benjamin West Son 12 Agricultural labourer Stody
  Elizabeth West Daughter 10 Stody
  Maria West Daughter 8 Stody
  Robert West Son 6 Stody
  Martha Ann West Daughter 4 Stody
  Sarah Ann West Daughter 2 Stody
  Amelia West Daughter 2 Mth
Mary Elizabeth March Head 44 Agricultural labourer
  George W Allcock Son 24 Agricultural labourer
  Isaac S Allcock Son 22
John Bacon Head 37 Groom and Gardener
  Mary Bacon Wife 39 Sculthorpe
  Martha A Bacon Daughter 17
  William Bacon Son 15 Agricultural labourer
  Edmund Bacon Son 13
  Ann E Bacon Daughter 11
  Emma J Bacon Daughter 6
  Hannah Bacon Daughter 9
  Richard Bacon Son 2
John Bacon Head 59 Agricultural labourer
  Mary Bacon Wife 64 Great Snoring
Robert Harvey Head 53 Agricultural labourer Great Walsingham
  Amy Harvey Wife 62 Great Walsingham
  James Harvey Son 22 Briston
Thomas Clarke Head 55 Agricultural labourer
  Esther Clarke Wife 55 Kettlestone
  Ann Clarke Daughter 31 Fieldworker
  Thomas Clarke Son 28 Agricultural labourer
  Isaiah Clarke Son 17 Agricultural labourer
  Susanna Clarke Daughter 11
  Frances Clarke Daughter 1 None given


William Bussy Head 69 Gardener Lethersett
  Mary Bussy Wife 64 Hoxton London
  Thomas W Bussy G-son 13 Great Snoring

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