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Updated on 25 July, 2012

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A census records who lived where on a given date. There have been censuses every 10 years since 1801 (with the exception of 1941 which was missed owing to the war).

1841 was the first census to record limited information on individuals – but the 1851 census added much more detail. The Great and Little Snoring Registrations are below:

  • 1841 GS HO/107/ 772 LS HO/107/771
  • 1851 GS HO/107/1826 LS HO/107/1826
  • 1861 GS RG9-1246 LS RG9-1245
  • 1871 GS RG10-1852 LS RG10-1850
  • 1881 GS RG11/1985/ Piece 4 LS RG 11/1983/ Piece 100
  • 1891 GS RG12-1559 LS RG12-1558
  • 1901 GS RG13/1877/234 LS RG13/1876/234
  • 1911 GS RG14 Piece:11564 LS RG14 Piece:11551

Great Snoring 1871

Names in bold are Head of Household; all from Gt Snoring unless otherwise stated.

Head Firstname Surname Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace

Ducks Town End

John Southgate Head 40 Horse breaker
  Ann Southgate Wife 40
  John Southgate Son 13
  William Southgate Son 11
  Sackville Southgate Son 9
  Herbert Southgate Son 7
  Anna Southgate Daughter 5
  Esther Southgate Daughter 24
Sampson Southgate Head 74 Farmer 42 acres
  Esther Southgate Wife 62 Great Walsingham
  Alfred Southgate Son 26
  Harriet Southgate Daughter 22
  Georgiana Southgate Daughter 24
  Louisa Hadley Granddaughter 3 London Middlesex
Samuel Jackson Head 43 Agricultural labourer Widower
  Sarah Ann Jackson Daughter 22
  Samuel Jackson Son 14
  Ellen J Jackson Daughter 9
  Frances Jackson Daughter 2
James Howlett Head 55 Agricultural labourer Colkirk
  Mary Howlett Wife 59 Fieldworker Horningtoft
  John Howlett Son 17 Agricultural labourer Colkirk
William   Southgate Head 47 Agricultural labourer
  Ellen Southgate Wife 37 Fieldworker Bale
  Robert Long Stepson 14 Agricultural labourer
  Dorcas Long Stepdaughter 12 Bale
  Charles Southgate Son 4
Robert Slegg Head 52 Agricultural labourer Bale
  Sarah Baxter Daughter 32 Widow Docking
  William Baxter Grandson 5 Stalham
  Cecilia Baxter Granddaughter 1

Tunns Street

Francis Collins Head 74 Agricultural labourer
  Francis Collins Wife 76 Norwich
Robert White Head 33 Farm servant
  Alice White Wife 36 Barney
  Anna M White Daughter 6
  Mary Ann White Daughter 2
  Alice Thompson Lodger 67 Almswoman widow Barney
Henry Riches Head 52 Agricultural labourer (army pensioner) East Barsham
  Cecilia Riches Wife 50 Housekeeper East Barsham
William Southgate Head 54 Farmer
  Sackville Southgate Son 19
  Lucy Moore Housekeeper 52
William Collins Head 48 Army pensioner East Barsham
  Hannah Collins Wife 47
George Harmer Head 25 Agricultural labourer Barney
  Ann Mary Harmer Wife 25 L. Walsingham
  George Harmer Son 4 L. Walsingham
  John Harmer Son 1

The Tunns Inn

Robert Southgate Head 43 Coachbuilder & Licensed Victualler
  Eliza Southgate Wife 43 Boston
  Walter Southgate Son 12
  Robert Southgate Son 11
  Eliza Southgate Daughter 6
  Sampson Southgate Son 1
  Henry Ward Lodger 42 Messenger unemployed Weasenham
Ann Harmer Head 49 Widow Seamstress Barney
  Clara Harmer Daughter 19 Domestic servant
  Louisa Harmer Daughter 14
  Cornelius Harmer Son 10 Farmer's boy
  William G Harmer Grandson 6
  Robert Harmer Grandson 2
Christopher Jackson Head 60 Widower Agricultural labourer
  Mary Ann Parker Daughter 37 Widow Housekeeper
  Sarah Ann Parker Granddaughter 18
  George Parker Grandson 12
  Thomas Parker Grandson 7
  Mary P Parker Granddaughter 3

The Manor House

Benjamin Perowne Head 65 Farmer 310 acres Fuletly Lincolnshire
  Frances M Perowne Wife 59 Thursford
  Georgiana E Perowne Daughter 3 Barney
  Benjamin C Perowne Son 22
  Elizabeth Perowne Daughter 27
  Eliza Jackson Servant 29 Dairy maid
  Alice Eler Servant 24 Housemaid Wighton

Walsingham Road

James Page Head 55 Agricultural labourer Barney
  Amy Page Wife 57 Bagthorpe
  Thomas Page Son 14 Barney
  Charls Page Son 11 Barney
Edward Whiterod Head 60 Blacksmith Mattishall
  Maria S Whiterod Wife 48 E Tuddenham
  Edward J Whiterod Son 16 Blacksmith Norwich
  Mary Ann Whiterod Daughter 11 Elloughton Yorkshire
  Ellen S Whiterod Daughter 5 Hull Yorkshire
  Abigail Whiterod Daughter 3 Stoke Ferry
  John Yarham Boarder 80 Widower Shoemaker Stody
James Page Head 41
  Elizh Page Wife 41 Launderers Wighton
  Cecilia Page Daughter 10
  Jane Page Daughter 8
  Levi Page Son 5
  John Page Son 3
  Elizabeth Faircloth Mother-in-law 78 Burnham

The Rectory

George B Bell Head 52 Curate of Great Snoring BA Gorleston Suffolk
  Catherine D Bell Wife 48 Yarmouth
  Susan L Bell Daughter 21 Cookham Berkshire
  Anna M Bell Daughter 18 Stantrisscut Monmouthshire
  Charlotte R Bell Daughter 17 Stantrisscut Monmouthshire
  William P Bell Son 10 Waterden
  Arthur H Bell Son 9 Waterden
  Edith A Bell Daughter 8 Waterden
  Catherine Dawson Daughter-in-law 70 Widow Beccles Suffolk
  Anna Ramm Servant 20 Housemaid Snoring
  Letitia A Daun Servant 19 Under housemaid Walsingham
  Jane E Goddard Servant 25 Cook Stow Bedon

Fakenham Road

James White Head 54 Agricultural labourer
  Susanna White Wife 46 Hempton
  William White Son 48 Farm servant
  Hannah White Daughter 15
  Alfred White Son 13
  Robert White Son 10
  Matthew White Son 7
  Charles White Son 4

Field Barn Cottage

William Bray Head 43 Agricultural labourer
  Elizabeth Bray Wife 43 Brancaster
  John Bray Son 18
  William Bray Son 16
  Susannah Bray Daughter 10
  Robert Bray Son 7
  Rosalie A Bray Daughter 6
  Charles Bray Son 4
  Ann Bray Daughter 2
  James Bray Son 11 Weeks
  John Bray Boarder 67 Widower Agricultural labourer

Field Barn Cottage

James Smith Head 33 Agricultural labourer
  Susan Smith Wife 31 Bintry
  Louisa Smith Daughter 10
  Ann E Smith Daughter 7
  Eliza Smith Daughter 11
  William Smith Son 1

Thorpland Cottages

Thomas Kendle Head 48 Agricultural labourer Burnham Sutton
  Alice Kendle Wife 49 Burnham Overy
  John Kendle Son 19
  Thomas Kendle Son 11
William Slegg Head 35 Agricultural labourer
  Sarah Ann Slegg Wife 35 Dairy woman Holkham
  Margery Slegg Daughter 10
  William Slegg Son 8 Cow keeper
  Sarah R Slegg Daughter 7
  Robert Slegg Son 5
  Annie Slegg Daughter 6 Mths

Fakenham Road

Mary Dye Head 69 Widow Fieldworker Wighton
Robert   Kendle Head 47 Shepherd Hunton
  Jane Kendle Wife 30 East Barsham
  Katharine Kendle Daughter 11 West Barsham
  Anna M Kendle Daughter 9 West Barsham
  Martha A Kendle Daughter 7 Fakenham
  Robert Kendle Son 5 Fakenham
  Susan Kendle Daughter 2
  Emma Kendle Daughter 5 Mths
John Smith Head 48 Farm servant
  Lydia Smith Wife 33 Domestic servant
  Sarah Smith Daughter 17
  Susanna Smith Daughter 13
William Clarke Head 60 Farm servant
  Sarah Clarke Wife 57
Mary   Simmons Head 67 Alms woman
Joseph Bushell Head 38 Agricultural machine maker
  Mary A Bushell Wife 33 Little Snoring
  Helen S Bushell Daughter 10 Little Snoring
  Jemima S Bushell Daughter 3
Frederic Cooke Head 32 Wheelwright
  Susanna Cooke Wife 32 Dressmaker
  Rosanna Cooke Daughter 6
Robert Collins Head 39 Shepherd East Barsham
  Ann Collins Wife 39
  William Collins Son 18 Servant
  Robert Collins Son 16 Fieldworker
  John Collins Son 11
  Susannah Collins Daughter 8
  Rebecca Collins Daughter 5
  Alfred Collins Son 3
Samuel Jackson Head 65 Farm servant
  Ellen Jackson Wife 64 Themelthorpe
  George Jackson Grandson 14 Farm servant
David Cooke Head 62 Widower Wheelwright
  Minnie E Cooke Granddaughter 9
  Ann Stanford Servant 52 Housekeeper Little Walsingham
Rebecca Plane Head 73 Widow Great Walsingham

School Farmhouse

James   Hall Head 69 Farmer Walsingham
  William Hall Visitor 78 Farmer Walsingham
  Sarah A Hall Daughter 30 Housekeeper Walsingham
  Mary A Flogdell Visitor 18 Walsingham
  Henry Kitchin Visitor 16 Loudon Middlesex
  John Kitchin Visitor 3 Loudon Middlesex

The Loke

James Hall Head 40 Farm bailiff Little Walsingham
  Clarinda Hall Wife 39 Downham
  Althea Hall Daughter 19
  Fanny E Hall Daughter 17
  Rosanna Hall Daughter 15
  Arthur J Hall Son 12 Little Snoring
  Adelaide Hall Daughter 8 Little Snoring
  Blanche Hall Daughter 6
  Ada D Hall Daughter 4
George Cooke Head 68 Machine maker and Wheelwright Fallingham
  Elizabeth Cooke Wife 62 Fakenham
  George Cooke Son 32 Wheelwright and Carpenter
  William Cooke Son 27 Wheelwright and Carpenter
  Margaret Cooke Daughter 15

The Turnpike

Thomas W Archer Head 39 Farm servant Fakenham
  Elizabeth Archer Wife 34 Fieldworker Fakenham
Charles Newton Head 43 Agricultural labourer
  Mary Newton Wife 43 Agricultural labourer North Tuddenham
  Robert Newton Son 18 Agricultural labourer
  Maria Newton Daughter 15
  James Newton Son 13

Little London

Lucy Moore Head 54 Widow
  Emma J Moore Granddaughter 15 Dressmakers apprentice

The Union Inn (Unicorn)

Robert Lack Head 46 Licenced Victualler
  Maria Lack Wife 47
  Sarah E Lack Niece 12 London Middlesex

Dildash Lane

William Brown Head 60 Agricultural labourer
  Hannah Brown Wife 50 Little Fransham
  Elizabeth Brown Daughter 20 Domestic servant
  Sarah Brown Daughter 18 Domestic servant
  Charles N Brown Son 16 Farm servant
  Mary Ann Brown Daughter 11
  Emily E Brown Daughter 8
  Edith A Brown Daughter 4
Robert Moore Head 30 Agricultural labourer
  Sarah Moore Wife 28 Wells Next the Sea
  Florence Moore Daughter 6
  Susanna Moore Daughter 4
  May Moore Daughter 1
Isaac Tuck Head 60 Gamekeeper Little Snoring
  Elizabeth Tuck Wife 57
  Elizabeth Tuck Daughter 29
  Nicholas Parker Grandson 1 Fakenham
Henry Hall Head 43 Pharma 88 acres Little Walsingham
  Catherine J Hall Wife 41
  Anna E Hall Daughter 17
  Emily A Hall Daughter 14
  Catharine Hall Daughter 12 Foulsham
  Robert Hall Son 11 Foulsham
  Rachel Hall Daughter 9 Foulsham
  Mary Ann Hall Daughter 7 Foulsham
  Henry Hall Son 6
  John Hall Son 4
  Charles W Hall Son 3
  Susanna Hall Daughter 1
James White Head 34 Agricultural labourer
  Harriet White Wife 24 Dressmaker

The High Street

John Ramm Head 55 Farm bailiff Burham
  Ann Ramm Wife 51 Dressmaker Stibbard
  John Ramm Son 14 Apprentice blacksmith Little Snoring
  Arthur Ramm Son 12 Little Snoring
Henry Simmons Head 58 Agricultural labourer
  Ann Simmons Wife 57 Great Walsingham
  Sarah Simmons Daughter 20
  Walter Simmons Son 17 Agricultural labourer
  Elizabeth Simmons Granddaughter 1
Betsey Leeder Head 69 Landowner
  Martha Vincent Servant 46 Housekeeper Houghton
  Agnes Tuck Servant 19 Domestic servant
  William Olley Head 62 Agricultural labourer
  Mary Olley Wife 70 Great Walsingham
Ann   Simmons Head 69 Widow Housekeeper Wiggenhall St German
William Marham Head 30 Agricultural labourer East Barsham
  Elizabeth Marham Wife 31 Wighton
Mary Ann Chatten Head 72 Widow Almswoman Fakenham
Mary Ann Docking Head 48 Widow Baker
  William Docking Son 18 Apprentice coachbuilder
  George Docking Son 16 Apprentice coachbuilder
  John Docking Son 14
Edward   Frances Head 53 Carpenter
  Jane Frances Wife 48 East Barsham
  Sarah Ann Frances Daughter 27 Dairy maid East Barsham
  William Frances Son 25
  Edward Frances Son 20 Shoemaker
  Robert Frances Son 17 Domestic servant
  Elizabeth Frances Daughter 14
  John Frances Son 12
  Rosalie A Frances Granddaughter 1 South Creake
Isaac Tuck Head 36 Blacksmith
  Mary Tuck Wife 36 Hindringham
  Elizabeth Tuck Daughter 15 Harpley
  Georgiana Tuck Daughter 13 West Newton
  Isaac W Tuck Son 10 West Newton
  Rachel Tuck Daughter 7 West Newton
  Robert Tuck Son 4
  Mary M Tuck Daughter 1
Frances Smith Head 51 Dressmaker
  Hannah Archer Boarder 46 Widow
  Mary Ann Smith Daughter 25 Domestic servant
  Elizabeth Smith Daughter 14 Domestic servant
  Ann Archer Boarder 3 Norwich
  Sarah Smith Daughter 11
Samuel Morrell Head 42 Farm servant Reedham
  Hannah Morrell Wife 48 Birmingham
  Frances Morrell Daughter 7
  Stephen B Belcher Lodger 54 Cordwainer Banbury Oxfordshire
Henry   Green Head 22 House Carpenter Great Walsingham
  Mary Ann Green Wife 23
  Harry Green Son 1 Wk
  Mary Ann Williamson Servant 54 Nurse Sculthorpe
William Southgate Head 44 Grocer Draper and Miller
  Matilda Southgate Wife 40 Little Snoring
  Eleanor Southgate Daughter 12
  John Southgate Son 10
  George H Southgate Son 6
  Elizabeth Southgate Daughter 4
  Eliza E Southgate Daughter 3
  Rosa Southgate Daughter 1
  Emily Bugdale Servant 14 Domestic servant Little Snoring
Robert Hill Head 53 Vermin Destroyer Sculthorpe
  Mary Hill Wife 53 Langham
  Arthur Hill Son 15 Thursford
Ann Southgate Head 78 Widow Wayfarer
  Hannah Lack Servant 36 Domestic servant Wighton
William Daws Head 38 Gardener Syderstone
  Mary Daws Wife 37 South Creake
  Sarah E Daws Daughter 7 North Creake
  Arthur Daws Son 4 North Creake
William Southgate Head 77 Agricultural labourer
  Celia Southgate Wife 69
  James Southgate Son 38 Agricultural labourer
Robert Lack Head 31 Bootmaker
Henry Savage Head 75 Widower General Dealer Great Fransham
  Sarah Ann Savage Daughter 35
  Maria E Savage Granddaughter 13
  Sarah Brown Servant 40 Housekeeper
Robert Archer Head 39 Shepherd Sculthorpe
  Esther Archer Wife 37 Barney
  Alfred Archer Son 11 Sculthorpe
  Elizabeth Archer Daughter 5 Sculthorpe
  William Colman Boarder 11 Fulmodestone
  Louisa Kendall Boarder 5 Barney
William Bushell Head 50 Agricultural machine maker
  Lucy Bushell Wife 34
  Arthur Bushell Daughter 7
  William Bushell Son 5
  Sarah Bushell Daughter 2
  Elizabeth Bushell Daughter 1 Mth
Robert Clarke Head 62 Higgler
  Hannah Balls Servant 70 Widow Housekeeper Horningtoft
Jonas Bushell Head 77 Agricultural labourer Wighton
  Hannah Bushell Wife 51
  Daniel Bushell Son 31 Agricultural engineer
  Joshua H Bushell Son 12
Edward Plane Head 26 Shoemaker Sculthorpe
  Susanna Plane Wife 27
  Elizabeth Plane Daughter 5
  Thomas Plane Son 3
  Mary Ann Plane Daughter 1
John Francis Head 57 Parish clerk and landowner and agricultural engineer
  Sarah Ann Francis Wife 32 Great Ryburgh
  John Francis Son 27 Farm servant
  Fanny Francis Daughter 6 Great Ryburgh
  Anie Francis Daughter 3
  Edith Francis Daughter 1
  William Cox Lodger 22 Shepherd Binham
Maria Stannard Head 79 Gentlewoman
late Rectors widow
  Mary Ann Bedford Sister 74 Norwich
  Catherine Hart Niece 59 Norwich
  Mary Ann Bushell Servant 17 Housemaid
  Elizabeth Page Servant 17 Cook Barney

The Post Office

Christopher Mallett Head 41 Schoolmaster Blakeney
  Catherine L Mallett Wife 38 Schoolmistress
  William Mallett Son 13
  Catherine E Mallett Daughter 11
Daniel Money Head 78 Agricultural labourer Walsingham
  Elizabeth Money Wife 80 Mileham
  Francis Jackson Head 41 Agricultural labourer
  Margaret Jackson Wife 42 Downham Market
  James Jackson Son 2
Robert Southgate Head 49 Agricultural labourer
  Hannah Southgate Wife 49
John Tuck Head 33 Miller Little Snoring
  Eliza M Tuck Wife 25 London Middlesex
  William F Tuck Son 3
  John C Tuck Son 10 Mth
William Hill Head 64 Taylor Fakenham
  Susanna Hill Wife 64 Barney
  Edward Hill Son 23 Taylor Kettlestone
  Frances Hill Granddaughter 16
  William Wacey Lodger 72 Gardener Wootton

The High Street

John White Head 55 Widower Groom
  Henry White Son 20 Agricultural labourer
  Elizabeth Harrison Servant 39 Housekeeper
  William Harrison Boarder 16 Carpenter
Orpha Dye Head 65 No occupation
Thomas Chamberlain Head 58 Farmer 530 acres Kempston
  Ann Chamberlain Wife 59 Gartly
  William Chamberlain Visitor 57 Kempston
  Phoebe Smith Servant 20 Dairy maid Hoe
  Betsy Georg Servant 16 Domestic servant Fulwoodestone
Rebecca Thornel Head 58 Widow Wells Next Sea
  Christopher Jackson Father 88 Bricklayer Widower
Charles White Head 42 Farm servant
  Eliza A White Daughter 14
  John J White Son 12
  Charles H White Son 11
  Caroline White Daughter 9
  Thomas White Son 6
James Temple Head 48 Farm servant
  Eliza Temple Wife 45
  Jane Temple Daughter 22 Domestic servant
  James Temple Son 19 Farm servant
  William Temple Son 17 Farm servant
  Susanna Temple Daughter 15
  John Temple Son 13 Agricultural labourer
  Elizabeth Temple Daughter 11
  Eliza Temple Daughter 8
  Mary Ann Temple Daughter 5
  Sarah Ann Temple Daughter 4
  Rachel Temple Daughter 1

Fakenham Road

Robert Girdlestone Head 41 Agricultural labourer
  Mary Girdlestone Wife 32 Shipdham
  John W Girdlestone Son 8
  George Girdlestone Son 6
  Mary Ann Girdlestone Daughter 4
  Eliza Girdlestone Daughter 3
  Caroline Girdlestone Daughter 1
Henry Chatten Head 39 Agricultural labourer
  Martha Chatten Wife 37 Fakenham
  Ann M Chatten Daughter 14
  William Chatten Son 6
  Henry Chatten Son 5
  Alfred Chatten Son 1

Tunns Street

James Dawson Head 44 Labourer London Middlesex
  Elizabeth Dawson Wife 46 Weaverham
  James Dawson Son 15 Apprentice coach painter
  Henry Dawson Son 11
  Charlotte Dawson Daughter 10
  Edward F Dawson Son 5
Henry Bell Head 68 Agricultural labourer Tittleshall
  Maria Bell Daughter 26
  Harriet E Bell Granddaughter 21 Thursford
William Williamson Head 55 Agricultural labourer East Barsham
  Harriet Williamson Daughter 27 Fieldworker
  Mary Ann Williamson Daughter 13
  Rosina Williamson Daughter 10
  Ann Williamson Granddaughter 6
  Eliza S Williamson Granddaughter 1
Elizabeth Girdlestone Head 36 Fieldworker
  Elizabeth Girdlestone Daughter 14
  Samuel Girdlestone Son 7
  Joseph Girdlestone Son 5
  Elijah Girdlestone Son 2
  Frances Girdlestone Boarder 75 Widower
Samuel Knowles Head 20 Agricultural labourer Wood Norton
  Elizabeth Knowles Wife 33 Dressmaker Kettlestone
  Charles W Knowles Son 8
  Sarah J Knowles Daughter 6
  Samuel Knowles Son 3
  Charlotte Knowles Daughter 2
  George Spalding Lodger 34 Coach painter Barney

Fakenham Road; Pack Lane

Charles Bradfield Head 70 Farmer 206 acres Hindringham
  Mary E Bradfield Wife 80 Horningtoft
  Ann Bugdale Servant 28 Domestic servant Little Snoring
  James Moy Servant 24 Farm servant West Barsham
  James Smith Servant 16 Agricultural labourer

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