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13 Oct 1837 Jonathon TEMPLE Labourer John LEE Labourer Elizabeth SLY or SLEGG William SLY or SLEGG Labourer
11 May 1838 William SOUTHGATE Farmer Robert SOUTHGATE Farmer Celia DYE Dress Maker James DYE Taylor Groom is Widower
30 Dec 1839 Samuel GYMER Labourer William GYMER Labourer Maria DAWSON James DAWSON Labourer Groom is Widower
20 Jan 1840 William CLARK Labourer John CLARK Labourer Ann BROWN John BROWN Labourer William Clark Signs William Clarke.
07 Feb 1840 Charles BASTARD Labourer Robert BASTARD Labourer Mary Ann SOUTHGATE William SOUTHGATE Farmer Groom is of Blakeney
05 Aug 1840 John JACKSON Labourer Frank JACKSON Labourer May HARVEY Thomas HARVEY Labourer
29 Oct 1840 Robert APPLEGATE Labourer Robert APPLEGATE Labourer Susanna CURSON Walter CURSON Labourer
25 Dec 1840 John CLARK   Labourer Matthew CLARK Labourer Susan COPPIN     Charles COPPIN Labourer Groom is Widower.
17 Mar 1844 Clement DOCKING Wheelwright Clement DOCKING Baker Mary Ann SOUTHGATE Charles SOUTHGATE * Groom is of E Dereham
13 Apr 1845 James CHAT Labourer Robert CHAT Labourer Sophia NOBES Fathers Name Recorded As Charlotte Nobes For Bride.
30 Oct 1846 John COUSLEY Wheelwright Robt COUSLEY Labourer Mary LOOSE Father Of The Bride Not Named But Dead Written Instead. Bride Of Fakenham;
13 Nov 1846 James WHITE Labourer William WHITE Labourer Susannah WRIGHT James WRIGHT Labourer Groom is a Labourer
24 Nov 1846 Sam. DAGLASS Shoemaker WilIIam DAGLASS Labourer Elizabeth CHATT Robt CHATT Labourer Bride aged 19 Groom is a Shoemaker
14 Dec 1846 Robt HARRISON Dealer James HARRISON Farming Bailiff Anne KENDLE John KENDLE Shepherd License. Robt Recorded As Full Age She is aged 20; Groom is of Thorpeland
06 Jul 1847 Robt SOUTHGATE Labourer Wm SOUTHGATE Farmer Hannah WHITE William WHITE Labourer
24 Aug 1847 John AUSTIN Farmer Sarah BUCKENHAM John SMITH Carpenter For The Father Of John It Shows Father As Deceased No Fathers Name Recorded Both are widowed; Groom is of Hindolveston
09 Nov 1847 Thomas KENDLE Labourer John KENDLE Shepherd Alice HOWELL Ezekiel HOWELL Labourer
11 Nov 1847 William PLATTEN   Labourer       Rebecca COLLINS     Francis COLLINS Labourer  
16 Apr 1848 William SOUTHGATE Miller Charles SOUTHGATE Miller Matilda TUCK John TUCK Horse Dealer Licence. (She is aged 19)
26 Sep 1848 George BUSHELL Blacksmith Jonas BUSHELL Machine Maker Sarah GIRDLESTONE Robert GIRDLESTON Blacksmith License. Father Of Sarah Recorded As Deceased.
26 Oct 1848 Robert GIRDLESTONE Blacksmith Robert GIRDLESTONE Labourer Hannah WILLIAMS Lawrence GOLDING Farmer License. Bride is a Widow from Houghton In The Dale; Groom is a Widower
30 Nov 1848 John RICHES Labourer Robert RICHES Labourer Sarah HARRISON Henry HARRISON Labourer
25 Dec 1848 George PARKER Labourer Richard PARKER Blacksmith Elizabeth COULSEY Robert COULSEY Labourer Groom is of Fakenham
11 Oct 1849 Thomas WHITE Labourer William WHITE Labourer Eliza COULSEY Robert COULSEY Labourer License. Thomas Recorded As Full Age. Bride aged 20;
21 Nov 1849 Robert HUNT Labourer William HUNT Labourer Mary Ann BROWN John BROWN Labourer Groom is of Barney
05 Jan 1850 Samuel MOORE Labourer Samuel JACKSON Labourer Mary SMITH Samuel SMITH Labourer
16 Jan 1850 Joseph PLUMBS Labourer Joseph PLUMBS Labourer Mary COULSEY Robert GIRDLESTONE Labourer
23 Nov 1850 Thomas MOORE   Labourer William MOORE Labourer Hannah APPLEGATE     Benjamin DANIEL Gardener Bride is a widow
24 Nov 1850 William BROWN Labourer John BROWN Labourer Hannah HUDSON Servant Edward HUDSON Labourer
29 Nov 1850 James TEMPLE Labourer Eliza FRANCIS Servant Richard FRANCIS Labourer
25 Dec 1850 Robert COLLINS Labourer Francis COLLINS Labourer Ann GIRDLESTONE Servant Robert GIRDLESTONE Labourer Both Recorded As Minors;
15 Jan 1851 Francis Moore JACKSON Labourer Samuel JACKSON Labourer Margaret GRIEVES Servant William GRIEVES Shepherd
25 Mar 1851 William BRAY Labourer John BRAY Labourer Elizabeth LARGE Servant John LARGE Sailor
16 May 1851 Robert LACK Shoemaker Thomas LACK Labourer Maria BAMBRIDGE Dressmaker James BAMBRIDGE Sailor
24 Jun 1851 John SLEG Labourer Francis SLEG Labourer Mary KENDLE Servant John KENDLE Shepherd
05 Oct 1851 Crispin TODD Blacksmith John TODD Labourer Honour TAYLOR Servant Samuel MUNFOR Labourer Licence. Bride is a widow; Groom is a Widower.of Little Walsingham
14 Oct 1851 John SKIPPER Groom John SKIPPER Shepherd Susanna LACK Servant Thomas LACK Bricklayer Groom is a Groom from West Basham
13 Apr 1852 John SMITH   Labourer Samuel SMITH Labourer Lydia Maria JACKSON   Servant Samuel JACKSON Labourer John Of Full Age And Lydia A Minor
01 Aug 1852 Francis COLLINS Labourer Francis COLLINS Labourer Fanny BASHAM Servant William BASHAM Labourer
11 Nov 1852 Daniel MONEY Labourer Daniel MONEY Labourer Mary Ann THOMPSON Servant John THOMPSON Farm Bailiff
02 Mar 1853 Henry HALL Farmer James HALL Farmer Catherine SOUTHGATE Farmer's Daughter Charles SOUTHGATE Farmer By Licence
12 Apr 1853 William CHATTLE Bricklayer William CHATTLE Bricklayer Mary Anne HALL Farmer's Daughter James HALL Farmer Licence
01 Jun 1853 Christopher MALLETT School Master Henry MALLETT Draper Catherine Leeder BRAY Farmer's Daughter William BRAY Farmer Catherine Recorded As A Minor;
01 Jul 1853 Frederick SOUTHGATE Farmer Charles SOUTHGATE Farmer Caroline LOWN William LOWN Labourer
06 Oct 1853 Charles William BRAY Farmer William BRAY Farmer Susan THOMPSON John THOMPSON Farm Baliff Susan may be a Minor
25 Jul 1854 William BUSHELL Machine Maker Jonas BUSHELL Machine Maker Lucy SIMMONS Henry SIMMONS Labourer Lucy A Minor
23 Dec 1854 Levi PAGE Labourer John PAGE Labourer Elizabeth MONEY Daniel MONEY Labourer Groom is a Labourer
12 Jun 1855 Matthew BARNES   Foundyman William BARNES Labourer Susannah SOUTHGATE   Dressmaker Sampson SOUTHGATE Farmer Susannah Recorded As A Minor; Groom is of Little Snoring
10 Dec 1855 William BARNETT - Shoemaker Robert BARNETT Brewer Jane Eliza DEWING Residence For William Covered By Ink Mark
25 Dec 1855 Thomas PARKER 25 Labourer Mary Ann JACKSON 24 Christopher JACKSON Labourer
23 Jan 1856 Edward KNIGHT 23 Shoemaker John KNIGHT Bricklayer Pleasance PLANE 26 John PLANE Baker Groom is of Warham All Saints
02 Mar 1856 Charles WHITE 31 Labourer William WHITE Labourer Ann JACKSON 23 Servant
13 Jul 1856 William SLEGG 22 Labourer Robert SLEGG Labourer Sarah Ann LINFER 22
28 Nov 1856 John SOUTHGATE HARRISON 26 Horsebreaker Ann PALMER 25 Robert PALMER Labourer
30 Nov 1856 William FOX 24 Labourer Robert FOX Labourer Elizabeth WARD 24 Groom is of Thornage
23 Aug * William DAWSON 28 Painter Elizabeth BAMBRIDGE 27 John BAMBRIDGE Bricklayer Year Of Marriage Not Recorded. This Record Follows One In 1856 And The Next Entry Is In 1859
17 Aug 1859 Robert CAPES 29 Labourer John CAPES Labourer Rebecca JACKSON 25 Samuel JACKSON Labourer
28 Oct 1859 Cornelius TUCK 23 Labourer Isaac TUCK Labourer Anna SMITH 22   Robert SMITH Labourer  
31 Oct 1859 Crispin Todd BRAY 23 Labourer William BRAY Farmer Elizabeth FISHER 24 William FISHER Carter
11 Dec 1859 Charles Southgate LACK 21 Baker Charles Southgate LACK Labourer Susannah CHATT 21 Robert CHATT Labourer She Signs As Susannah Lack.
29 Apr 1860 James PAGE 31 Labourer John PAGE Labourer Elizabeth FAIRCLOTH 29 Thomas FAIRCLOTH Labourer
03 Jul 1860 Joseph BUSHELL 28 Machinest Jonas BUSHELL Machinest Mary Ann NICKALLS 23 Jarratt NICKALLS Wheelwright Bride is a widow of Little Snoring
03 Aug 1860 William SOUTHGATE 51 Horse Trainer John SOUTHGATE Dealer Sarah AUSTIN 55 John SMITH Carpenter Groom is a widower
27 Aug 1860 George Bedford KITCHEN 34 Builder William KITCHEN Shoemaker Rachel HALL 28 James HALL Farmer License
02 Sep 1860 William COLLINS 35 Soldier Francis COLLINS Labourer Hannah FRARY 36 Noah FRARY Labourer Groom is a widower; For Williams Rank Shows Soldier 52nd F**t.
09 Oct 1860 James DYE 23 Labourer Orlando DYE Labourer Catherine COOKE 24 Thomas COOKE Labourer Groom is of Wilton Yorkshire
12 Oct 1860 James SMITH 22 Labourer Samuel SMITH Labourer Susannah BELL 20 Robert BELL Labourer
17 Oct 1860 Frederick Barwick COOKE 21 Wheelwright David COOKE Wheelwright Susanna Elizabeth BRAY 21   William BRAY Farmer  
03 Oct 1861 Edmund HANDLEY Harriett Ayton ARCHER License
11 Jun 1862 James HALL 22 Groom Robert HALL Labourer Martha FISHER 23 Dressmaker William FISHER Carter
02 Nov 1862 Robert GIRDLESTONE 32 Labourer Robert GIRDLESTONE Labourer Mary Anne WRIGHT 26 Richard WRIGHT Gardener
23 Nov 1862 Edward ARCHER 28 Labourer Wiggett ARCHER Labourer Hannah SMITH 37 Samuel SMITH Labourer
25 Dec 1862 Henry CHATT 32 Labourer Robert CHATT Labourer Martha BELL 32 Henry BELL Labourer
11 Apr 1864 William BAXTER 27 Sadler Robert BAXTER Independ* Sarah SLEGG 24 Robert SLEGG Labourer
04 Nov 1864 James WHITE 28 Labourer John WHITE Labourer Harriet TUCK 21 Isaac TUCK Gamekeeper
16 Feb 1865 Edward PLANE 21 Shoemaker Edward PLANE Labourer Susannah TEMPLE 22 Jonathan TEMPLE Gardiner
22 Jun 1865 Harman SCOTT Shoemaker William SCOTT Shoemaker Elizabeth OSBORNE Thomas OSBORNE Brewer
26 Jun 1865 Isaac NEWTON   Farming Bailiff John NEWTON Labourer Maria LACK     Thomas LACK Bricklayer Groom is a widower of Little Snoring; Both Of Full Age
13 Jan 1866 William SOUTHGATE Labourer William SOUTHGATE Labourer Ellen LONG LONG Groom is a widower
25 Mar 1866 James SIMMONS Railway Porter Henry SIMMONS Labourer Sarah SOUTHGATE William SOUTHGATE Labourer Groom is a widower
31 Oct 1866 Charles SIMMONS 20 Labourer Henry SIMMONS Labourer Maria WHITE 20 James WHITE Labourer
31 Oct 1866 John TUCK 32 Miller John TUCK Horse Trainer Eliza Amey FINE 21 Cornelius John FINE Tailor License. Bride is Of Swanton Novers
06 Feb 1867 Thomas LEATHERDALE 22 Porter In Railway William LEATHERDALE Steward Mary Ann TEMPLE 27 Jonathan TEMPLE Gardiner Groom is of Docking
15 Feb 1867 John FRANCIS Labourer Richard FRANCIS Labourer Sarah Ann WILKIN John WILKIN Labourer License. Groom is a widower
17 Nov 1867 William PAGE Labourer James PAGE Labourer Anna WRIGHT John WRIGHT Sailor Bride is of Wells
27 May 1868 Washington Blomfield HAMOND 23 Farmer Miles HAMOND Farmer Frances Catherine BELL 20 George Robley BELL Clerk Groom is of Waterden
10 Feb 1869 John SHORTEN 18 Labourer Samuel SHORTEN Labourer Mary OLLEY William OLLEY Labourer
30 Aug 1870 Henry WOOD 22 Horse Breaker Henry WOOD House Builder Emma SOUTHGATE 24   Samson SOUTHGATE Farmer Groom is of Holy Trinity Westminster; Bride is of St Margareta Westminster
30 Dec 1870 Henry GREEN Carpenter Henry GREEN Labourer Mary DAWSON James DAWSON Groom & Gardiner
25 May 1871 Henry MAY Deputy Govn. Gen. Prison Thomas MAY Vicar Of Leigh Susan Louisa BELL George Rolley Bell Clerk Groom is a widower of Perth Scotland
25 Dec 1871 Frederick WHITE Labourer John WHITE Labourer Elizabeth JONES Groom is a widower
28 Jun 1873 John FRANCIS Gardener John FRANCIS Parish Clerk Susanna CURSON Walter CURSON Labourer
10 Aug 1873 William BRAY Labourer John BRAY Labourer Elizabeth FLEGG James CLAXTON Labourer Both widowed
20 Nov 1873 Geo William ALCOCK Teamsman Isaac ALCOCK Shepherd Sarah Ann JACKSON Samuel JACKSON Teamman He Signs George William Allcock.
01 Dec 1873 Clement L DOCKING 22 Miller Clement DOCKING Millwright Elizabeth TUCK 18 Isaac TUCK Blacksmith Brides father is the son of Isaac TUCK Snr;
13 Nov 1874 James HOWLETT Labourer John HOWLETT Labourer Harriett Matilda SOUTHGATE Samson SOUTHGATE Farmer Groom is a widower
20 Jan 1875 Alfred John SOUTHGATE Butcher William SOUTHGATE Shop Keeper Mary Ann HOGDELL Joseph HOGDELL Baker
13 Feb 1875 Charles GRIMES   Labourer Charles GRIMES Labourer Sarah Ann BAXTER     Robert SLEGG Labourer Both widowed; Groom is of East Barsham
26 May 1875 Henry BEANE Farmer Henry Barnard BEANE Farmer Harriet HOWELL License. Bride of Thursford
13 Oct 1875 Whitbread ROBERTS Farmer George Whitbread ROBERTS Farmer Elizabeth PEROWNE Benjamin PEROWNE Farmer License. Both Of Full Age; Groom is of King's Waldern
16 Oct 1875 George WHITE Labourer John WHITE Labourer Phoebe SMITH James SMITH Labourer Groom is a widower; Bride of Walsingham
06 Nov 1875 John BRAY Labourer William BRAY Labourer Sarah Ann RIX 19 Jonathan RIX Tailor John BRAY Of Full Age. Jonathan RIX Deceased.
20 Nov 1875 Robert WILKIN Labourer John WILKIN Labourer Harriett ANDREWS James ANDREWS Labourer Groom is a widower
18 Apr 1876 Benjamin John ARMSTRONG Clerk In Holy Orders Benjamin John ARMSTRONG Clerk In Holy Orders Mary Penrice BELL George Robley BELL Clerk In Holy Orders Groom is a widowerGroom is of Brome Suffolk
23 Dec 1876 William FRANCIS Labourer Edward FRANCIS Carpenter Elizabeth CURSON Walter CURSON Labourer Groom is a widower
19 Apr 1877 Robert CADAMY Blacksmith John CADAMY Wheelwright Esther SOUTHGATE William SOUTHGATE Horse Breaker Groom is a widower
17 Oct 1877 Charles William BROWN 22 Labourer William BROWN Labourer Sarah Ann KING 20 Benjamin KING Labourer Bride from Hinghton
01 Nov 1877 William COLLINS   Labourer Robert COLLINS Labourer Martha DAWSON     William DAWSON Game Keeper Groom is a widower
15 Jan 1878 Francis Charles MASTER - Clerk In Holy Order George Francis MASTER Clerk In Holy Orders Anna May BELL - George Robley BELL Clerk In Holy Orders Groom is of Stoke Near Guilford
16 Oct 1878 John RAMM 21 Blacksmith John RAMM Steward To Mr B BROWN Eleanor Jane SOUTHGATE 20 William SOUTHGATE Miller
01 Nov 1878 William WHITE Labourer James WHITE Labourer Hannah REEVE Robert REEVE Labourer
11 Jan 1879 Edward BACON Labourer John BACON Groom Agnes TUCK Isaac TUCK Game Keeper Groom is a widower
03 May 1879 William LEAMAN Labourer Robert LEAMAN Larourer Mary Ann WILLIAMSON William WILLIAMSON Labourer Groom is a widower
04 Jun 1879 Robert Edward CUSHING Carpenter Thomas CUSLING Carpenter Maria NEWTON Charles NEWTON Labourer Groom is a widower of Yiewsley Middlesex
25 Oct 1879 John HOWLETT Labourer James HOWLETT Labourer Sarah Ann JACKSON Thomas PARKER Labourer Groom is a widower
20 Nov 1879 Thomas Back HILL Blacksmith Charles HILL Shoemaker Elizabeth COOKE George COOKE Carpenter Groom is a widower
24 Jul 1880 John WHITE Labourer Charles WHITE Labourer Anner Elizabeth ALLEN James WOODCOCK Labourer Bride a widow; Anners Name Had Been Written As Anna But The A Was Crossed Out And Er Written Above. Anner Signs As Anner Elizabeth Ansell Allen. Groom is a widower
02 Oct 1880 Edward CORNWELL   Labourer William CORNWELL Labourer Susannah SMITH     John SMITH Labourer Groom is a widower
15 Oct 1880 Alfred Christmas WHITE 23 Labourer James WHITE Labourer Jane BISHOP 20 James WRIGHT Labourer
25 Dec 1880 Henry William MINNS William MINNS Carpenter Rosa Anna WILLIAMSON William WILLIAMSON Labourer
28 Dec 1880 Benjamin Wade JOHNSON Painter And Glazier William Matthew JOHNSON Carpenter Catherine Elizabeth MALLETT Christopher MALLETT Schoolmaster Groom is of St Johns Kings Lynn & a widower
01 Feb 1881 Benjamin BOYCE or BRYCE Grocer Benjamin BOYCE Seaman Emma Clara DAWSON James DAWSON Steward Groom is a widower of St Michaels Parish London
27 Feb 1881 John William Robert SOUTHGATE-HARRISON Horse Breaker John SOUTHGATE -HARRISON Horsebreaker Ann NEWTON Charles NEWTON Labourer Groom is a widower
18 Feb 1881 William SMITH Farmer Richard SMITH Dealer Matilda Ann SOUTHGATE William SOUTHGATE Miller Groom is a widower of East Winch
23 Nov 1881 Thomas KENDLE Labourer Thomas KENDLE Labourer Elizabeth Ann ANNISON James ANNISON Malster Groom is a widower
30 May 1882 John Henry DRURY 28 Brush Maker David DRURY Schoolmaster Maria Elizabeth COOPER 29 John COOPER Gardiner Groom is of Emmanual Parish Leeds
14 May 1883 James John SMITH 23 Gas Engineer Samuel SMITH Gas Engineer Eliza SOUTHGATE 19 Robert SOUTHGATE Coach Maker
27 Nov 1883 Sackville SOUTHGATE-HARRISON 21 Horse Breaker And Groom John SOUTHGATE -HARRISON Horse Breaker Frances WILKEN 19   William Sand WILKEN Labourer  
06 Dec 1883 Charles Henry DAWSON 25 Groom James DAWSON Steward Sophie Augusta SKIPPER 24 Cook John SKIPPER Steward Bride is of Topland Fakenham
07 Nov 1884 Robert WHITE 23 Labourer James WHITE Labourer Frances MURRELL 20 Samuel MURRELL
07 Nov 1884 James Newton NEWTON 24 Labourer Charles NEWTON Labourer Harriet WRIGHT 22 John Burton WRIGHT Labourer
17 Feb 1885 John SOUTHGATE 23 Coach Builder William SOUTHGATE Miller Maria Elizabeth SAVAGE 26 Groom is of Stowmarkets
04 Apr 1885 William George CODLING 26 Woodman Perry CODLING Woodman Elizabeth FRANCIS 28 Edward FRANCIS Carpenter License. Groom is of Hindolveston
28 Apr 1886 Harry GREEN 25 Schoolmaster John GREEN Labourer Elizabeth SOUTHGATE 20 William SOUTHGATE Miller
26 Jan 1887 William Richard Hall RAWSTON 28 Carpenter William RAWSTON Bricklayer Roseanna COOKE 22 Frederick Barwick COOKE Wheelwright
17 Sep 1887 George William CHATT 23 Labourer Henry CHATT Labourer Edith Annie BROWN 21 William BU*CH Labourer
21 Apr 1888 Arthur Robert BEALES 22 Labourer Robert BEALES Labourer Rebecca COLLINS 22 Robert COLLINS Labourer Groom is of Great Massingham
13 Oct 1888 Henry William WILLIAMSON 22 Labourer William WILLIAMSON Labourer Ann Archer SMITH 21         William Williamson Recorded Deceased. Instead Of Fathers Name For Ann Mothers Name Is Recorded Sarah Smith. Groom is of New Walsingham
23 Mar 1889 Robert Joseph FRARY 24 Labourer James FRARY Hawker Eliza GIRDLESTONE 21 Robert GIRDESTONE Labourer
23 Apr 1889 Walter SCALES 26 Plasti*es James SCALES Labourer Eliza SMITH 22 James SMITH Labourer James Scales Recorded As Deceased. Groom is of Portland Place Near Lakehnam
01 Oct 1890 Jacob GRAVETING 28 Labourer John GRAVELING Labourer Marion NEAL 23 Obadiah NEAL Labourer
11 Oct 1890 Robert William PAGE 21 Labourer William DAGLAN* Labourer Edith Elizabeth CHATT 18 Henry CHATT Labourer
18 Oct 1890 Wallis Henry KIRBY 22 Labourer Henry KIRBY Fish Dealer Eliza Sporlden WILLIAMSON 20 George SPORLDEN Labourer Wallis Henry Kirby Signs As Walter Henery Kirby.
01 Nov 1890 Robert LONG 34 Labourer Cecilia PAGE 30 James PAGE Labourer
30 Mar 1891 Thomas Charles STYMAN Coach Builder Joseph STYMAN Coal Merchant Ann SOUTHGATE William SOUTHGATE Miller Groom Full Age; Bride Full Age Groom is of S Johns Norton?
11 Jul 1891 Josiah Smith WOODS Labourer James Smith WOODS Mary Jane PARKER Groom is a widower of Hunstanton
14 Oct 1891 John FULLER 23 Labourer James FULLER Labourer Mary Ann KENDLE 19 Robert KENDLE Shepherd Groom is of Gunthorpe
07 Nov 1891 Alfred COLLINS   Labourer Robert COLLINS Labourer Susanna RINGROSE     John RINGROSE Labourer Groom is a widower
12 Dec 1891 Matthew WHITE Labourer James WHITE Labourer Harriet BACON Edward BACON Labourer Groom is a widower
22 Dec 1891 Thomas Christopher PARKER Labourer Thomas PARKER Labourer Anna Maria WHITE Robert William WHITE Groom Groom is a widower
06 Feb 1892 Edward DEWING 22 Labourer Edward DEWING Well Sinker Caroline GIRDLESTONE 20 Robert GIRDLESTONE Labourer
05 Nov 1892 Walter WEBSTER Labourer Henry WEBSTER Labourer Mary Ann GIRDLESTONE Robert GIRDLESTONE Labourer
24 Dec 1892 Robert DACK 21 Labourer John DACK Shepherd Georgina GIRDLESTONE 19 Robert GIRDLESTONE Labourer
21 Oct 1893 Thomas Curson WHITE 28 Labourer Charles WHITE Labourer Annie Elizabeth PILCH 22 Fuller PILCH Tailor
04 Nov 1893 James BRIGHT 30 Labourer William BRIGHT Labourer Hannah WHITE 28 James WHITE Labourer
30 Dec 1893 Robert WHITE 34 Labourer James WHITE Labourer Charlotte or Elizabeth BECK 37 John BECK Labourer Groom is a widower
12 Jul 1894 Charles Gustaph Ludvig HEYNE 21 Clerk Carl Christian ***ing HEYNE Surgeon? Mary Ann ADAMS 20 Edmund Barrett ADAMS Draper And Grocer Both Carl And Edmund Recorded As Deceased. Residence at time of marriage 37 Brinfield Rd; South Lambeth?
20 Oct 1894 John PAGE 27 Labourer James PAGE Labourer Jessie ALLEN 21   Jonathan ALLEN Moulde*  
14 Mar 1896 Thomas William GREEN 27 Smith William GREEN Labourer Georgina Matilda PARKER 23 Thomas PARKER Coachman
27 May 1896 Thomas HUGHES 21 Licensed Victualler Thomas HUGHES Licensed Victualler Catherine Annie DOCKING 22 Clement DOCKING Miller Groom is of Little Walsingham
24 Oct 1896 Herbert John HOWARD 22 Labourer William HOWARD Shepherd Lillian Anna WHITE 19 Frederick WHITE Labourer Groom is of Hunstanton
31 Oct 1896 Barnabas HOWELL 28 Groom Mary Ann SMITH 24 James SMITH Labourer Groom is of Great Walsingham
27 Dec 1897 Arthur BUSHELL 21 Barman William BUSHELL Machine Maker Alice Sarah SADLER 21 John SADLER Publican
21 May 1898 James Ambrose WRIGHT 23 Labourer George WRIGHT Labourer Rosa Annie MARHAM 21 William MARHAM Labourer
12 Nov 1898 Edward PLANE 24 Labourer Edward PLANE Bootmaker Eliza WHITE 18 John WHITE Laboureer
03 Dec 1898 William WARNER 22 Labourer George WARNER Labourer Mary PLANE 27 Edward PLANE Shoemaker Ink Marks Over the names for Alice
18 Dec 1898 John James JACKSON 25 Labourer Florence GOULBY 22
15 Apr 1899 Thomas CUSHING 31 Labourer John CUSHING Labourer Clara WARNER 21   George WARNER Labourer Groom of Thursford
19 Nov 1900 James EKE 69 Labourer Robert EKE Labourer Rebecca Sophia CLEMENTS 44 John CLEMENTS Labourer The Age For James Is Recorded As About 69. Both groom and bride are in the workhouse; Groom is a widower
09 Apr 1901 Frederick Emerson HILLS 26 Bankers Clerk Lewis Frederick HILLS Farmer Annie Jane GREEN 24 Henry GREEN Joiner Groom of Waltham Cross Herts
13 Jul 1902 Ezra BULLIMORE 24 Gardener George BULLIMORE Labourer Maria SIMMONS 28 Charles SIMMONS Labourer Groom of Sidestrand